sidewalk saleHelp support the Albany Public Schools Foundation by buying books for a quarter!

That’s right, people, it’s another Browsers’ fundraising Sidewalk Sale, this time at the Albany store. Everything outside will be just twenty-five cents. (But there will be a jar if you’d like to make an additional donation directly to the APSF!)

Saturday, April 2, 9:30-6:00. One day only. Tell everyone you know.

Rant time (ignore this if all you want is some cheap books):

It is my personal hope that the money raised can be put to good use with new auditoriums for our high schools!

Did you know that there are only three 5A & 6A high schools in the entire state of Oregon without auditoriums?

Two of those three are in good ol’ Albany.

That’s right, Albany is showing a complete lack of commitment to our children and to the arts.

Our School Board admits that a lack of auditoriums is a “glaring omission.” However, during the last few months of Board meetings, they have appeared to be unwilling to make a stand to correct this “glaring omission” despite the fact that their guiding principle is that “education should be shaped by purposes rather than by forces.”

Part of the purpose behind Browsers’ Bookstore is to help people educate themselves. That’s pretty easy when it comes to book-learning, but performing arts just can’t be learned from a book. . . and, sorry, but a cafeteria just doesn’t count as an adequate classroom for the performing arts.

Browsers’ survives more on determination than profitability. However, we feel strongly enough about this to make an effort to help the auditorium project, even at an expense to our store. I hope the Board will commit to their principles rather than politics, and make this decades-old “glaring omission” one of their top priorities.