Lord of the Rings. Limited edition in leather & silk.

limited edition lord of the ringsLord of the Rings, deluxe limited numbered edition. Complete set of 5: The Hobbit, Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers, Return of the King, Silmarillion. J.R.R. Tolkien. Folio Society, 2003.

All five volumes in original slipcases, all fine copies. Limited to 1750 numbered copies, bound in Wassa goatskin, with hand-woven Indian silk sides. Map endpapers in two colors. Illustrations by Eric Fraser. This is about as “deluxe” an edition of LOTR as you’ll get. Gorgeous to behold. A great gift. There are literally millions of LOTR fans in the world, and only 1750 of them will own this set. Extra postage required for international shipping: please inquire before ordering.