MANHATTAN. Elbert Hubbard & Roycrofters

by Joseph I. C. Clarke

by Elbert Hubbard.

East Aurora, New York: Roycrofters, 1910

This is a beautiful example of an Arts & Crafts binding, typography, and book arts. Hand-colored lettering and decorations on title page, and decorative initial to the Henry Hudson biography.

Elbert Hubbard and his Roycrofters took what William Morris did with the Kelmscott Press, and gave it the American twist: these beautiful Arts & Crafts books were produced in vast quantities so that the price could be affordable to the working public.

The end result: for several decades, the Roycroft brand meant beautiful handmade items (they did more than books) at a reasonable price. Gone today, their products still remain. In this case, you get a true piece of art for the price of a new hardcover!

MANHATTAN is a poem, a love song really, to the city, the great borough of New York City.

HENRY HUDSON is a brief biography of the man after whom the river is named (well, okay, he’s much more important than that, but I have limited space…)

Fine condition.

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