Newsletter for April 2017


We were actually catching up with stuff in February…however, a few large purchases have now packed the store to one of its highest inventory levels ever. The problem with buying big collections is that we don’t have the time to process everything right away, so many books sit around in boxes for a while…Please help us by not digging through the boxes we have piled around the store–that can really slow us down.

Also–this is an unusually long newsletter, so I will start off with the thing that you will most want to see….


YOU MUST SEE THIS  and click on the link to view the interactive 3D picture of our Albany store. This is a totally cool project that one of our customers put together.



At one point in the past few weeks, I estimated that I had 144 boxes of books to be processed. That number is going steadily down, be sure to check in & do some browsing, but here’s a smattering of what’s come in.

LARGE COLLECTION of 1st edition fiction and mysteries, most signed. Many PNW mystery authors. Standard mystery authors like James Lee Burke, Colin Dexter, Ian Rankin. Includes scattering of other authors, like Donna Tartt, David James Duncan, Jess Walters. (40 boxes, most in Corvallis)

PRETTY LARGE COLLECTION of Catholic books. Okay, we haven’t gotten to these yet, but they are in the Albany store and should be priced soon. (10-15 boxes)

NOT-TOO-LARGE COLLECTION of Baseball books. (5 boxes) Gerry, despite his recently acquired semi-retired status, asked me if he could work overtime to help price & catalog some of these crazy baseball books. It’s good to have a baseball expert on staff, because all I know is that you hit the ball with the stick, which doesn’t make it that much different than golf. A mix of baseball novels, biographies, vintage stuff, etc. Several signed, but you’ll have to ask Gerry if those signatures are valuable because I know nothing! 🙂



I took that photo of the baseball book to help promote the Rose City Book & Paper Fair. It’s coming in June, and more information can be found at:

Anyway, here’s a few more books we’ll be taking up to the fair. Most of these are expensive, but don’t worry, about 90% of what we take is $5 – $25, and there are a lot of other dealers there who bring books in that price range, also. I’m always embarrassed when I get the newsletter out after the 15th of the month, so I’ll just do a photo gallery here, without much description or even the prices (the books are already packed and I forgot to write down prices.)

TANNHAUSER. Willy Pogany designs & illustrations. I love this book. I recently discovered I had two copies at home, so this one is for sale…oops! Roughly $200










THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES. In Three Volumes. With: Acts Passed at the First Session of the Fifth Congress…Second Session…Third Session. Also with: Sketches of the Life and Character of Patrick Henry (William Wirt, 1817). The four volumes given to William Wirt Henry by James Lyons, Jr.

The three-volume set was published by Folwell (1796), the fourth volume by Ross (1797). The Patrick Henry biography is the first edition of 1817.

An important legal and political documentation of the early United States. In addition to the acts of the first five Congresses, this prints the Constitution, early treaties, and the notable index to the laws of the US. (The fourth volume by Ross has its own index.) In all four volumes is a gift inscription, dated 1880, from Lyons to William Wirt Henry. Both were notable Virginia lawyers and politicians of the nineteenth century. Wirt was also the grandson of Patrick Henry, and his three-volume Patrick Henry: Life, Correspondence and Speeches is a standard reference. The Henry biography is not signed by Henry or Lyons, and there is no way to know if Henry used this in his biography. (All five volumes were from the same collection, but the biography might have been added later.) Although not considered reliable, Wirt’s biography of Patrick Henry is notable for being the first book to quote Henry as saying “give me liberty or give me death,” which he may or may not have actually said.

Good condition in original calf boards, chipped, worn, volume two with smoke damage to spine, volumes three and four with water stains, all hinges tender or exposed. Front board of the Henry biography detached. $2500 for lot.


BEYOND THE WALL OF SLEEP. H.P. Lovecraft. 1st edition in VG jacket, uncommon thus.











LIFE AND TIMES OF FREDERICK DOUGLASS, WRITTEN BY HIMSELF. Chicago, 1884. Modest wear to covers, overall very good. Roughly $200









FIDDLER’S LUCK. Robert Haven Schauffler. A nice decorative cover for your favorite violin or fiddle player.












Grammar chart from 18th century:



Want to guess Sue Grafton’s “Y” title?


That’s all for this month, enjoy the browsing!


Scott Givens
Browsers’ Bookstore
Corvallis & Albany, Oregon

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