2017 Rose City Book & Paper Fair

Used & Antiquarian Book Fair

Get ready for another great book fair! Held at Portland’s DoubleTree Hotel at the Lloyd Center on June 16-17. For details, please visit the official website: http://www.cascadebooksellers.com/rose-city-used-book-fair/

This page will show a few of the books we’re bringing up, and eventually some shots of the preparation and the fair itself. Although we always bring a pretty wide variety of books to the fair, including books from $1 to $2,500 (that’s the most expensive I’ve packed so far), we are going to be bringing along a few special sections such as:

  • Mythology and folklore. Several books from the 19th century, including one written by Oscar Wilde’s mother!
  • Pulp fiction. We’ll bring a box or two of vintage paperbacks. Most will be priced in the $2 – $10 range, although we are bringing a very good first edition of “Neuromancer”, which is $200
  • ROCK! A small collection of rock music books published in the 60s and 70s. Beatles, The Who, The Doors, etc. Again, most are cheap, but the first edition of Jim Morrison’s book of poetry is $225
  • Oregon History. Several rare books, a few of which are pictured below. Also, we’ll have a good selection of contemporary books from Oregon authors.
  • Photoplay editions. I recently “discovered” in one of our backrooms a group of about 20 antique “movie tie-in” books that I’d bought almost a decade ago, priced, put the jackets in mylar sleeves, then for some reason boxed back up and stuck in a corner! Well, it’s time to give them some fresh air, don’t you think?

To keep informed of the latest additions, please follow us on Instagram. Our user name is “browsersbookstore“. Thank you, and see you at the fair!

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