Publishers’ Bindings: book designer monograms & initials

This page was originally intended for our own internal purposes, however we think it may have a larger appeal. A huge amount of this was done in conjunction with Rachelle Markley of Crooked House Books & Paper, who specializes in these bindings; several of these images & notes also came from “Binder Finder” John Lehner, whose knowledge on the subject is much deeper than anything we aspire to. This is a “living” document, meaning we will constantly be updating it, so bookmark it for future reference. A newer addition is photos–we’ll try to get more up to help with identification as we see them.

These initials are to help us quickly identify artists & designers of books who have their initials on the design but are not otherwise credited. Alphabetical by last initial. For further resources about these designers or others, please see the link list at bottom.



E.B.A.: Ethel Belle Appel 

M.A. Margaret Armstrong (See also Alice Morse for a conjoined AM). 

T.A. or J.A:  see  Amy Sacker. This monogram is hers–> 

B.: Will Bradley 

C: Thomas Maitland Cleland 

E.W.C.: Evelyn Clark 

D: Edmund Dulac (he would normally also do the illustrations & be credited) Edmund Dulac

D.D.: Decorative Designers, their most common design; an experimental design that’s more round (John Lehner says he only knows of two examples of it); and an example of the uncommon unhooked DD  

H.V.D.: Henry Van Dyke 

A.E.: Adelaide Everhart 

C. & R.E.: Clifford and Rosemary Ellis

E.E.: Edward B. Edwards  

G.W.E.: George Wharton Edwards 

F: Charles Buckles Falls 

G.: Frederick C. Gordon 

G.: Frederick W. Gookin (see also below) 

G: Frederick Goudy (see also above) 

F.W.G.: Frederick W. Gookin (see also above) 

H: Edward Stratton Holloway 

H: Frank Hazenplug (less common than Holloway–8/20/19 update: I’ve been corrected on this statement, and Holloway appears to have done more bindings…not sure why I said Hazenplug did, so try to find the title in one of the online databases if you’re not sure.) 

A.H.: Alberta Hall (mostly Rand McNally) 

G.H.: George Washington Hood George Washington Hood

G.W.H.: George Washington Hood 

M.H.: Mabel Harlow 

T.B.H. Theodore B. Hapgood 

K.: Louis Mapes Bunnell Keeler

F.L.: Frederick Lowenheim (but see below) 

F.L.: Florence Lundberg (but see above) 

J. L.: John Leighton (mid-19th century) 

A.M.: Alice Cordelia Morse (I think usually joined, but many separated)  

B.McM.: Blanche McManus 

P.N. Peter Newell

M.L.P.: Marion L. Peabody. 

U.P.: University Press Cambridge. I’ve never seen a printer before, but this is from a binding designed by Mabel Harlow (her monogram also on the binding.) 

A.R.: Amy Richards 

R.R.: Rome K. Richardson (see also Rachael Robinson below) 

R.R.: Rachael Robinson Elmer (see also Rome Richardson above)

A.M.S. Amy Maria Sacker Amy Maria Sacker

B.S.: Bertha Stuart (or see below) 

B.S. F. Berkeley Smith (but see above) 

H.S. Henry Sandham 

R.S.: Rudolph Schaeffer 

A.A.T.: Alfred Angus Turbayne 

S.W.: Sarah Whitman. Please inform Scott of any VG or better examples of her bindings; they may be needed for the collection we are building. 


We’re looking for further information on these binding designers & their monograms:



C.A. [Dancing & Dancers of Today by Caroline Caffin; Dodd Mead 1912.] 

Thomas Watson Ball (looking for monogram: only two known monograms, a Harper’s Spanish-American War compilation, and a book called “The Million” (Dodd, Mead) — both are signed TWB)

Horace James Bradley (looking for monogram)

X.C. (or C.X.?) [If Youth But Knew, by Agnes & Egerton Castle; Macmillan, 1906.] 

C.B. Falls (looking for monogram)

W.H.: [Rubaiyat, R.F. Fenno, 1898]  



A. Hilgenreiner (looking for monogram)


R.R. (A.R.?) (F.R.?) 

Ethel Reed (looking for monogram, here’s lettering of her signature) 

Julius Schweinfurth (looking for monogram)

F.W. (F.T.W.? W.F.T.? – hahaha) [Blind Fate by Mrs. Alexander. F.M. Lupton ca 1880s. UNC has another Lupton binding with this monogram that they list as F.W.] 




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