A Tale of Two Cities: The Mormons, The Catholics. by William Taylor.

A Tale of Two Cities: The Mormons, The Catholics

William Taylor. Little Red Hen, 1980.

Written by a post-Vatican II Catholic with many Mormon relatives, this book compares and contrasts some of the beliefs and viewpoints of both religions. One of the main differences, according to the author, is that Mormons view the Bible and other texts as literally true, whereas Catholics view the Bible contextually. What this boils down to is that you can shoot holes in the Mormon claims, but the Catholic viewpoint is never nailed down because they can always hide behind the “mystery” of Catholicism.

The main LDS work cited is Mormon Doctrine which, of course, is not approved-by-the-church-doctrine. The entire two thousand year history of the Catholic church is ignored (unlike the 150-year history of the Mormon church), saying only that the Church has sinned, but that now they’re a bunch of believers. A bit lopsided, I’d say.