Beyond Greed. Stephen Fay.

Beyond Greed: The Hunt Family’s Bold Attempt to Corner the Silver Market

Stephen Fay. Penguin: 1983.

“Silver Thursday” was the first day since “Black Monday” to earn a special designation by the financial world. This book gives a very detailed historical analysis of the events leading up to it.

Fay does an excellent job of explaining some of the inner workings of a confusing and complex issue. This history reads like a thriller, a similarity which is supported throughout by some incredible personalities. Although Fay is careful to state when he is speculating (no pun intended) on certain issues, and although he has to use a little poetic license, the real people and real events are shocking! Some of the best parts of this book involve transcriptions of dialogues between various government agencies. Also, when he shows the reader how very different the billionaire Hunt family’s reality is than ours, Fay is able to paint a magical world.