Bible Unmasked. by Joseph Lewis.

The Bible Unmasked

Joseph Lewis. Freethought Press: 1926/1957.

Lewis is a devout Thomas Paine disciple (and wrote a book proclaiming Paine to be the author of the Declaration of Independence) who puts his faith absolutely in Science, and who has quaintly conservative morals (perhaps exaggerated for this book) about sex and sexual situations.

In this book, he goes through the Bible and re-tells some of the stories that involve rape, incest, prostitution, adultery, etc. In most instances, the incidents are indeed as written, but in a few stories — such as the dirty deeds of the Virgin Mary — he reads between the lines to draw his conclusions.

His whole point is that the Bible is a lewd book which should not be read to children. He follows the pattern of Twain in which his form of persuasion is often in the form of humor to make the point.

Whatever one may think of the conclusions, the book is highly entertaining, not only because of the scandalous Bible stories themselves, but also because of Lewis’ running sarcastic commentary.