Divine Rest for Human Restlessness. Samuele Bacchiocci

Divine Rest for Human Restlessness

Samuele Bacchiocci. Biblical Perspectives: 1994.

Written by the first Seventh Day Adventist to graduate from some Catholic university in Italy, this is a poorly-written combination of historical research, SDA apologetics, and popular writing. He would have been better off (and the best parts of the book are) writing just the history of the Sabbath and Sunday worship. As it is, his clear slant and the odd philosophical questions he pops in the text weaken the strength of the research. I’d much rather see history written from as detached a perspective as possible. Or, if that is too hard to manage, I’d like to see some of the contrary viewpoints considered thoughtfully.

Overall, it is best to read the first chapter, and the last section “From Sabbath to Sunday” both of which are very interesting.