Mystery of the Ages. Herbert Armstrong.

Mystery of the Ages

Herbert Armstrong. Worldwide Church of God: 1985.

Armstrong is one of these people who developed his own religion after reading the Bible and interpreting it himself. The result – The Worldwide Church of God – is a mix of sound theology and far-out hypotheses.

The main difference from standard Protestantism is that he believes in God’s Law and that Jesus did not “update” it. The Church of God is a training ground for people who, because they are true Christians following God’s Mosaic Laws, will be the governing class when Jesus returns for the Millenial Reign. After this, they become God-beings: part of God’s family. They can then go “fix” other worlds that were mishandled/ravaged by the angels, as Earth was before God created Man. (Sounds like a fun mix of Jehovah’s Witness plus Mormonism.)

Lots of good information on the history of various sects is in here. A good interesting read, but I’m not sold.