The Screwtape Letters. C.S. Lewis.

The Screwtape Letters

C. S. Lewis.

A series of letters from “Uncle” Screwtape to his dear Wormwood reveal the thought-processes behind the tempting of humans to sin. The junior demon Wormwood gets in trouble as his “patient” becomes a Christian, falls in love, and dies suddenly, going to Heaven.

Very cleverly done, it is a bit difficult to read, since we are so used to the opposite perspective. However, Lewis makes some very astute remarks and insights into human nature and the challenge of Christian living.

Lewis probably didn’t want to develop too much a vision of this beaurocratic Hell, but the few off-hand comments about Hell and the personalities involved (i.e., Wormwood trying to turn his uncle in for heresy) are vastly entertaining.

(p.s. don’t you love how I read this right after de Sade?) 🙂