They Speak with Other Tongues. John Sherill.

They Speak with Other Tongues

John Sherill.

Ostensibly an unbiased report on the charismatic/Pentecostal movement, the book is actually an apologetic work for it.

The history of the Pentecostals was quite interesting, although romanticized. One neat little tidbit that the author freely admits is that the charismatic revivals didn’t really start until the turn of the century. Since then, they have spread and are becoming more accept by the “establishment” as genuine supernatural experiences.

The author tries to establish a scientific basis for the phenomena, but all he is able to come up with is hearsay and speaking in tongues that sounds like a language even though no linguist can identify it. However, the author has a break-through one day and overcomes his self-consciousness by yelling “Praise the Lord!” and letting “words” come out of his mouth – and voila, he’s converted.

His wife never is.