This Present Darkness. Frank Peretti

This Present Darkness

Frank Peretti. Crossway Books: 1988.

A Christian fiction, spritual warfare novel. Revolves around a small town being taken over by an evil rich man who is into Eastern religion/witchcraft/devil worship/pagan rituals (no distinction is ever made – anything not along the narrow path is lumped together in one evil structure.) Angels are called by prayer and protect the humans and kick some demonic butt.

Overall, a very good novel with ordinary by somewhat dynamic characters. I think the author fails on two points: first, the demons, with their ‘human’ flaws and weaknesses are more sympathetic to the reader than are the perfect – and perfectly boring – angles; second, the angels’ ultimate victory in the end is not due to “prayer cover” as the book states, but due to these same imperfections and vices in the demons! Although still a good Christian message, it is not at all what the author intended…