Memoirs of an Invisible Man. H. F. Saint.

Memoirs of an Invisible Man
by H. F. Saint.

My penchant for invisible man stories has already been stated; this one is an excellent adventure. It is essentially an extended chase scene: man who becomes invisible after industrial explosion is hunted by government. But Saint has put a lot of thought into the details of how an invisible man could hide, and his efforts come off very well in a wholly believeable story.

My dad said he thought there was a lot of sex in the book – I hadn’t remembered that the first time I read it, but noticed some now; nothing really extraordinary, and I’m a bit puzzled by his way of remembering the book. I just remembered being able to clearly visualize several scenes, and not wanting to put the book down.

The chase-plot works because the chase gets increasingly complex as the story progresses – at the end there is actually no physical chasing or hiding – just information chasing & hiding.