The Woman Chaser. Charles Willeford.

The Woman Chaser
by Charles Willeford. 1991.

Richard, a used car salesan who thinks he’s hot stuff, decides to make a movie with his step-father, an ex-movie director. He embezzles money from his boss to finance the thing which turns out to be 63 minutes long & brilliant (it’s about people with dead-end lives but who can’t see it.) But it’s too short for the theatre and too long for TV.

His step-father sells him out to get his career back on track and Richard’s pissed. He gets drunk, slashed step-dad’s $100,000 painting, punches a knocked-up flame in the stomach, sets the movie studio on fire, and prostitutes a Salvation Army lady for $150, along with other bad things. Ends with his arrest.

Strange book, and strangely written: part script, part memoir, part story. Village Voice said: “Profound pulp with low sex and high energy.” Not sure about the profound part, but still pretty good. I guess.