A Skeleton in God’s Closet. Paul Meier.

A Skeleton in God’s Closet
by Paul Meier.
Thomas Nelson & Sons: 1996

A fast-paced archaeological thriller about the discovery of Jesus’ bones. Since it was published by a Christian publisher, the ending (the bones are a hoax) is a forgone conclusion, yet the book would really have been more interesting if it had not been a hoax.

The author is very concerned with teaching the reader about modern archaeological methods – a bit ironic, since some segments of Christianity reject any archaeological finding beyond 6,000 BCE.

At any rate, the bones’ discovery necessarily rocks the Christian world. It is in describing the emotional and spiritual effects of the discovery that the author falls short of good writing — the reactions are unbelievable, uninteresting, too simplified, or just plain dumb. Meier should perhaps stick to writing non-fiction, as that might be more his forte.