The Passion. by Donna Boyd.

The Passion
By Donna Boyd.

I do like werewolf stories, and this is a good one. The setting is turn-of-the-century (1900), and the plot is one of “pack” politics. The werewolf pack has become scattered over the centuries, and now two parties (each represented by one of two brothers) are vying for control: one wants to take advantage of the Industrial Revolution and work with humans (yet be in charge of them), and the other brother wants to exterminate humans. Caught in the middle is a human woman captivated by the “good” brother. He winds up marring the female pack leader, and sends the human off to Alaska with his brother for what he thought was her & the brother’s conspiracy against him. These two find a lost werewolf castle and mate (which was not thought possible). The good brother realizes the woman was trying to protect his wife, so they set off to Alaska in search of her, only to wind up killing the bad brother. Whew, what a plot!

Most characters are done wwell, though we connect with none. Well written, thought a bit repetitive in general descriptions of werewolf attitudes.