Return of the Nephilim. Chuck Missler.

Return of the Nephilim
by Chuck Missler
Koinonia House: 1997. (audio only)

UFOs, Stonehenge, the Book of Revelations – what more can you ask for? Missler explains that Genesis chapter 6 means that when fallen angels were having sex with women, their offspring were monstrous ‘people’ called Nephilim.

He suggests that these Nephilim, or perhaps their spirits (demons?) are reappearing today, this time as UFOs and aliens. He also suggests that they have done so for thousands of years and were involved in building Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid and other monuments. Heathen legends which talk of intercourse between gods and humans are further evidence. CIA and other government cover-ups indicate our government is aware of the situation and is on the wrong side.

Although he does a good job talking about the Nephilim, he does not convincingly tie them to UFO appearances. He gives too much credence to wackos who claim alien abduction. He says that every single abductee has dabbled in the occult, and yet he takes them at face value when they claim to have had an embryo implanted. I always wonder what the babies are like when they’re born…?