Jesus Christ Is Not God. Victor Paul Wierwille.

Jesus Christ Is Not God
by Victor Paul Wierwille.
American Christian Press: 1981.

Wierwille, who is considered in some circles as a cult leader, has been going through something of a revival lately. A less common title, this book is obviously an anti-trinitarian study.

This book presents the argument that there is no Biblical basis for the Holy Trinity, and that trinitarianism is a dogma with a historical basis rather than textual. This book provides support for the view that the Bible says God and Jesus are distinct individuals, but that Jesus was with God in his foreknowledge in creating the world.

I was surprised to see close textual and linguistic details for many of the verses discusses, as I had assumed Wierwille was more fluff than substance. The support runs a bit thin at times, and he should have made this a much longer and more thoroughly documented book. The book would also have been improved by a more careful examination of trinitarians’ evidences.