Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology. Bruce Sterling.

Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology.
by Bruce Sterling.
Ace: 1987

“Gernsback Continuum” William Gibson. Guy sees alternate present: the 1980s as pictured by 1930s people. Dumb.
“Snake-Eyes” Tom Maddox. Guy has computer implanted in brain which becomes hooked up with supercomputer. Okay.
“Rock On” Pat Cadigan. Fresh rock-n-roll only lives when people plug into a human synthesizer’s brain. Dumb.
“Tales of Houdini” Rudy Rucker. Houdini still alive in 1948 performing in cheesey movie. Pointless.
“400 Boys” Marc Laidlaw. Futuristic gang war against mutant children. Pretty good.
“Solstice” James Patrick Kelly. Druggies have personal problems at Stonehenge. Dumb.
“Petra” Greg Bear. God is dead – or has he just weaned us? Cool.
“Till Human Voices Wake Us.” Lewis Shiner. Guy becomes mermaid. Okay.
“Freezone” John Shirley. Rocker becomes terrorist. Dumb.
“Stone Lives” Paul di Filippo. Blind guy gets new vision and is taught how to see world, history, etc. Okay.
“Red Star, Winter Orbit” Bruce Sterling & William Gibson. Last cosmonaut revolts on Soviet space station. Good.
“Mozart in Mirrorshades” Bruce Sterling & Lewis Shiner. Future corporation goes into past & alternate universes for natural resources. Dumb.