The Hunters and the Hunted. Lesley Egan.

The Hunters and the Hunted.
Lesley Egan.
Doubleday: 1979.

The only reason I read this is that I happened to notice it takes place in Glendale, California, the city I grew up in. It was kind of fun to read along and see familiar street names and landmarks…

The book itself, however, is boring. Supposedly about an ex-husband wanting to kill his ex-wife, it is really just a couple of weeks on the beat with Glendale’s finest. A bunch of completely unrelated cases occur, paperwork is filled out, and the bad guys confess.

No suspense is built at all on this main “case” and it ends with the bad guy getting killed in a car accident when someone runs a red light. What kind of plot device is that? Egan is scratched off my list of potential authors to read.