K-PAX. Gene Brewer.

Gene Brewer.

Classified as sci-fi, this was a disappointing novel of a mental patient who thinks he’s from another planet. (Disappointing mainly because there’s was nothing “sci-fi” about it.)

Turns out the guy has multiple personality disorder, and this alien, “prot” by name, is one of his personalities. This was discovered through – what else? – hypnosis. MPD is interesting in itself and I would think that real-life cases would have more interest than this sensational, though silly, fantasy.

I guess I wanted the narrator, who is the psychologist treating prot, to have convinced himself that his MPD diagnosis was correct, only to have prot return to his home world. As it is, prot (the personality) does leave. This departure leaves Robert (the patient) near catatonic. There’s some question of how he got out of his room and his unusual eyesight, but overally, a catastrophic return to reality that left me only slightly less catagorically despressed than Robert.