Who Was Jesus? G. A. Wells.

Who Was Jesus?
G. A. Wells.
Open Court, 1989.

Subtitled “A Critique of the New Testament Record,” this book is unfortunately too biased for my taste. However, the main flaw is its poor quality of writing, which makes the book difficult to read.

Despite that, there is a lot of interesting information here, although not always documented. The author’s main point is to show how different Gospels treat Jesus differently — either because of the author’s theology or because the mythology surrounding Jesus had changed. Thus, the earliest NT texts say nothing about John the Baptist or virgin conception, and the latest texts are full of this. Wells has another book called Did Jesus Exist? which, according to his references in this book, purports to show that the early NT texts refer to Jesus as a long-ago teacher, not a recent one, and say nothing of his resurrection. (Seems a stretch, but might be interesting to read.) The main strength of his argument comes from his extensive use of Christian theologians as sources.