Secrets of Our Spaceship Moon. Don Wilson.

Secrets of Our Spaceship Moon.
Don Wilson.
Dell: 1979.

Sequel to Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon, this book rehashes a lot of the same info, but also presents new “evidence” and expands earlier statements offering proof that the Moon is a hollow vessel from another planet. This book is just as good as the first, and presents strong arguments as to why the other theories of the Moon’s origin cannot be true, and why it could be that it is hollow.

The most recent (last 10 years) scientific theory is one that says the Earth, in its early formation, was “whacked” by a HUGE (planet-sized) object which caused the Moon to form out of the fragments. At a glance, this doesn’t quite answer a lot of the structural questions Wilson raises (such as mascons), though I plan to look into it, as that theory is more plausible than the spaceship one (though not as exciting.)

Still, there are enough doubts about the moon’s structure and composition, NASA’s lack of communication to the public about certain things, and those pesky UFO’s that will keep me open-minded on this subject for a while! 🙂