English Country. E.L. Grant Watson

English Country
E. L. Grant Watson
Jonathan Cape: 1924.

Brief essays and journal entries that Grant Watson made throughout one year. He claims they were not meant for publication, but can one believe this? Perhaps. The writings are of such astonishing depths at times, that when reading, you are aware of being in the presence of genius. This guy is just amazing and some of the things he thinks about on a daily basis are wonderful. It seems that much of this comes from his having time to contemplate nature for hours or days on end. No talk of work, family or friends to muddle his thoughts with daily existence–he concentrates on nature immediately before him, the significance of life, of thought, of the source & nature of spirituality. Great stuff, made greater by his honest searchings, and his belief in the explanations he develops, even knowing that they are partial at best and mysterious for certain. Grant Watson’s writing is both poetic and scientific; his grasp of language is beautiful to read.