Thief of Time. Terry Pratchett.

Thief of Time.
Terry Pratchett.
Harper Collins: 2001

Another Discworld book involving Death’s grand-daughter, Susan.  This time she winds up with a love interest in the person of Lobsang Ludd, the child of Time.

Pratchett discovers his funniest new (I think) character in a while: Lu-Tze.  This guy is the 800-year-old sweeper of a secret monastery who is nevertheless the most respected guy there–to those who know who he is.)  His knowledge of “The Way” comes from a housewife in Ankh-Moorpark, and he carries around a book of her sayings, which are, of course, everyday trite proverbs to us, but their application in the story is hilarious.

The usual misadventures, near catastrophe, and last-minute solution, with sit-com/slap-stick/monologue humor by that old stand-by, Death.