The Resurrection of Maltravers. Alexander Lernet-Holenia.

An interesting book from Vienna, in which a decadent count “dies”, and then comes back to life.  Rather than going back to his old life, he decides to start anew.  This is not a “bad man turns good” story: more complex, and not so rosy.  Instead, Maltravers decides to train a handsome young man in the ways of a jaded old man.

Some great scenes, a subtle sense of humor, with quite a few good one-liners of philosophy, psychology, or humor.  Here’s a good one (from a rambling thought process of Maltravers), but be sure not to tell John Gray:

“All men love all women at once, and all women love only the man they love.  All women are only one woman to a man, and one man is all men to a woman.”

I would recommend it, though the translation is a bit quirky at times.