George M. Lamsa Bibliography

George Lamsa is best known for his studies in Aramaic. His teachings on Aramaic idioms can shed new light on some of the New Testament texts. Althogh Lamsa is by no means lauded by modern fundamentalists, his work has had a lasting effect on Bible interpretation.

The list below is, to the best of our present knowledge, relatively complete. The prices listed are ballpark prices for used and/or new copies. You may not be able to find them for these prices (or you may find them for less.)

Secret of the Near East.
Ideal Press: 1923. Rare.
The Oldest Christian People.
MacMillan Company: 1926. Rare.
My Neighbor Jesus.
AJ Holman: 1932. $20
New Testament Commentary.
AJ Holman Company: 1945. $20
The Holy Bible from Ancient Eastern Manuscripts.
AJ Holman Company: 1957. $20
Gospel Light.
AJ Holman Company: 1964. $15
Old Testament Light.
New Jersey Prentice Hall: 1964. $100.
Shepherd of All.
AJ Holman: 1966. $30
The Kingdom on Earth.
Aramaic Bible Society: 1966. $15
And the Scroll Opened.
Doubleday: 1967. $10
The Hidden Years of Jesus.
Unity Books: 1968. $25-35
More Light on the Gospel.
Doubleday: 1968. $30
The Man from Galilee.
Doubleday: 1970. $20
Idioms in the Bible Explained.
Aramaic Bible Society, Inc.: 1971. $15
New Testament Origin.
Aramaic Bible Society: 1976. $20
Key to the Original Gospels.
Harper: 1985. $15
Aramaic Light on the Gospel of Matthew.
Errico, Rocco A., Lamsa George M. Noohra Foundation: 2000. $27
Aramaic Light on the Gospels of Mark and Luke.
Errico, Rocco A., Lamsa, George M. Noohra Foundation: 2001. $27
Aramaic Light on the Acts of the Apostles.
Errico, Rocco A., Lamsa, George M. Noohra Foundation: 2001. $27
Aramaic Light on the Gospel of John.
Errico, Rocca A., Lamsa, George M. Noohra Foundation: 2001. $27
The Resurrection Bible.
Aramaic Bible Society, Inc.: 2002. $45
The Modern New Testament Translated from the Original Aramaic Sources.
Aramaic Bible Society, Inc.: March 2004. $50