Jack Chalker Bibliography and Price Guide

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Editor of Mirage magazine, which ran from 1960-1971 for a total of 10 publications.

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A Jungle of Stars
Paul Carlton Savage died for the first time on July 29, 1969 in Viet Nam, and then his troubles really began. Before he knew what hit him, Savage was approached by the Hunter and offered a deal, immortality in exchange for his services in the Hunter’s continuing war against the Bromgrev, an enemy who culd be anyone, anywhere, at any time.
Del Rey: 1976. Paperback, $2.00

The Web of the Chozen
Holliday was a star scout – until he was caught in a far-from-human trap that offered no way out!
Del Rey: 1978. Paperback, $2.00

And the Devil Will Drag You Under
Asmodeus Mogart was not a bad fellow, as demons go. Having gotten in trouble back in the home office, he had been assigned to duty on Earth. There he toiled, doing the kinds of things demons do and turning into something of a drunk. Then a rogue asteroid threatened to crash into Earth and destroy all life on the planet — demons included! There had to be a better way.
Del Rey: 1979. Paperback, $2.00

A War of Shadows
The United States is under terrorist attack. Small towns were wiped out as surely as if bombed off the face of the earth.
Ace: 1979. Paperback, $2.00
Ace: 1984. Paperback, $2.00

Dancers in the Afterglow
Ondine was a resort planet. Sixteen million tourists traveled there from just about every world you could think of to live and love in sixteen million different ways. Then ca me the Machists. They had gobbled up world after world, spreading their culture to thousands of different races with a brutal, vicious, but most effective system. Daniel was a cyborg, a former fighter pilot now wedded to a master computer and life support system housed in a flying golden egg.
Del Rey: 1979. Paperback, $2.00

The Identity Matrix
While backpacking in Alaska, Victor Gonser, a 35 year old Ph.D. in political science, finds himself trapped in the body of a 13 year old Tlingit Indian girl. A little while l ater he is forced from there into the spectacularly beautiful body of an 18 year old blonde. He finds that the switches are part of a skirmish for earth by two alien races.
Pocket: 1982. Paperback, $2.00
Baen: 1986. Paperback, $2.00

The Devil’s Voyage
Based on the story of the U.S.S. Indianapolis, the ship that carried the atom bomb from San Francisco to the Pacific island from which it was launched.
Doubleday: 1980. Hardcover, $15
Guild Press: 1981. Paperback, $3.00
Critic’s Choice: 1985. Paperback, $2.00

Downtiming the Night Side
What do you do when you’re drafted into a war that encompasses all time, to fight battles that rage across the ages? How do you survive when every jump through time means tha t there is less left that is really you?
Tor: 1985. Paperback, $2.00
Baen: 1993. Paperback, $3.00

The Messiah Choice
Adventure novel in which ancient evil and high tech wizardry threaten a modern apocalypse.
St. Martins: 1985. Hardcover, $15
Tor: 1986. Paperback, $2.00

Dance Band on the Titanic
Short story anthology of seven stories.
Ballantine: 1988. Hardcover, $10
Del Rey: 1988. Paperback, $3.00

The Red Tape War
with Mike Resnick and George Alec Effinger.
Each chapter is written by one author, who tries to end the chapter in such a way as to make it virtually impossible for the next author to continue.
Tor: 1991. Hardcover, $12
Tor: 1992. Paperback, $3.00

Priam’s Lens
Space-faring humans challenge a godlike superrace for survival in the far reaches of the galaxy.
Del Rey: 1999. Paperback, $3.50

The Moreau Factor
A hard-living reporter long past his Pulitzer Prize-winning prime, Chuck Vallone is about to meet a renowned geneticist who needs to clear his conscience. But when Vallone arrives at their rendezvous, he finds the D.C. hotel swarming with government agents. The scientist’s room is now a grisly slaughterhouse splattered with blood–but no sign of a body.
Del Rey: 2000. Paperback, $3.50

Dancers in the Dark (Includes Dancers in the Afterglow and “Forty Days and Nights in the Wilderness” and “Moth and Candle”)
** Five Star: 2002. Hardcover, $12.50

Midnight at the Well of Souls (Well World #1)
Entered by a thousand unsuspected gateways — built by a race lost in the clouds of time — the planet its dwellers called the Well World turned beings of every kind into something else. There spacefarer Nathan Brazil found himself companioned by a batman, an amorous female centaur and a mermaid — all once as human as he.
Del Rey: 1977. Paperback, $2.00
Penguin (London): 1981. Paperback, $2.00
Baen: 2002. Paperback, $3.50

Exiles at the Well of Souls (Well World #2)
Mavra Chang must fight the evil Antor Trelig for control of the universe!
Del Rey: 1978. Paperback, $2.00
Penguin: 1982. Paperback, $2.00
Baen: 2002. Paperback, $3.50

Quest for the Well of Souls (Well World #3)
Mavra Chang continues her fight, even after eleven years of imprisonment and torture.
Del Rey: 1979. Paperback, $2.00
Baen: 2002. Paperback, $3.50

The Return of Nathan Brazil (Well World #4)
It was up to Mavra Chang — victim and veteran of the Wars of the Well — and Obie, her colossal computer companion, to find the only being capable of going to the Well World and repairing the damage at its source. But the infamous and near-mythical Nathan Brazil — sometime freighter captain, often the Wandering Jew, perhaps even God — did not want to be found.
Del Rey: 1980. Paperback, $2.00
Baen: 2002. Paperback, $3.50

Twilight at the Well of Souls: The Legacy of Nathan Brazil (Well World #5)
Nathan Brazil and Mavra Chang somehow had to reach the Well of Souls in time to save the universe and before any of the hostile natives managed to kill them.
Del Rey: 1980. Paperback, $2.00
Baen: 2002. Paperback, $3.50

The Sea is Full of Stars (Well World #6 [new characters])
Three star travelers–Ming, Ari, and Angel–become enmeshed in a vicious blood-feud between an evil genius and Jeremiah Wong Kincaid, the man who has vowed to destroy him. Del Rey: 1999. Paperback, $3.50

Ghost of the Well of Souls (Well World #7) On the mysterious Well World, the evil tyrant Josich and his dark agents search desperately for the eight scattered pieces of the fabled Straight Gate. Whoever possesses the Gate will wield enormous power, travelling between universes at the speed of light and wreaking havoc across galaxies.
Del Rey: 2000. Paperback, $3.50

Lilith: A Snake in the Grass (Four Lords #1)
Each man was assigned one world to conquer. His mission was first to find the Overlord of that world and kill him, then to take over his link with no help beyond his own naked ability. This first book deals with Cal Tremon, who was sent to Lilith, a planet that was a paradise, but a paradise designed in Hell.
Del Rey: 1981. Paperback, $2.00

Cerberus: A Wolf in the Fold (Four Lords #2)
Qwin Zhang must conquer the water world of Cerberus, where the most ruthless alone could survive.
Del Rey: 1982. Paperback, $2.00

Charon: A Dragon at the Gate (Four Lords #3)
They took the body of Park Lacoch and stripped away his mind. Then they stuck him aboard a spaceship and exiled him to Charon, from which no return was possible. And just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, Park found himself transformed into a changeling — a half-beast, half-man, with the beast rapidly gaining ascendancy.
Del Rey: 1982. Paperback, $2.00

Medusa: A Tiger by the Tail (Four Lords #4)
Taran Bul’s quickly joins an ongoing conspiracy to overthrow the hated dictator.
Del Rey: 1983, Paperback, $2.00

The Four Lords of the Diamond (Four Lords #1-4)
SFBC: 1983. BCE Hardcover, $10.00

The River of Dancing Gods (Dancing Gods #1)
Joe and Marge, minutes away from death, are rescued and brought from Earth to the magical world of Husaquahr by the wizard Throckmorton P. Ruddygore to battle the forces of Hell itself!
Del Rey: 1984. Paperback, $2.00
Futura (London): 1985. Paperback, $2.00

The Demons of the Dancing Gods (Dancing Gods #2)
In Husaquahr, behind the cloak of seeming peace, evil was stirring again as the Dark Baron plotted with a Demon Prince to bring about Armageddon. Master Sorcerer Throckmorton P. Ruddygore could only trust one man with the mission of spying upon the evil villians: Joe. The only problem was, Joe had just been bitten by a weredog.
Del Rey: 1984. Paperback, $2.00
Futura: 1985. Paperback, $2.00

The Dancing Gods Part One (Dancing Gods #1-2 [River & Demons])
Del Rey: 1995. Paperback, $5.00

Vengeance of the Dancing Gods (Dancing Gods #3)
The Dark Baron, defeated at last, had been stripped of all his magical power and exiled to Earth. But there he enlisted a computer to create even more effective spells. Helped by the forces of Hell, the Dark Baron is once again threatening Husaquahr — and only Joe and Marge can stop him!
Del Rey: 1985. Paperback, $2.00
Futura: 1986. Paperback, $2.00

Songs of the Dancing Gods (Dancing Gods #4)
The evil Dark Baron has escaped and joined forces in the far North with the Master of the Dead to theaten all of Husaquahr with enslavement. Only Joe can stop them — but Joe is no longer quite himself. In fact, he’s not sure who he is!
Del Rey: 1990. Paperback, $2.00

The Dancing Gods Part Two (Dancing Gods #3-4 [Vengeance & Songs])
Del Rey: 1996. Paperback, $5.00

Horrors of the Dancing Gods (Dancing Gods #5)
When the evil Old Ones challenge Heaven and Hell alike, spelling doom for both Earth and the magical land of Husaquahr, master wizard Throckmorton P. Ruddygore summons a band of unlikely heroes to stave off disaster.
Del Rey: 1995. Paperback, $3.00

Spirits of Flux and Anchor (Soul Rider #1)
Cassie did not feel the Soul Rider enter her body, but suddenly she knew that Anchor was corrupt.
Tor: 1984. Paperback, $2.00
Futura: 1986. Paperback, $2.00

Empires of Flux and Anchor (Soul Rider #2)
In the lands of Flux and Anchor, The Nine, rulers of hell have formed their own empire and plan to invade the world by subverting humans to their own unholy use.
Tor: 1984. Paperback, $2.00

Masters of Flux and Anchor (Soul Rider #3)
Mervyn, wizard and Fluxlord, leader of the Nine Who Guard faces the ultimate threat of the opposing Seven Who Wait: the opening of the Hellgates to World. Closed more than tw o thousand years ago, they are portals to unknowa ble danger and perhaps, great power.
Tor: 1985. Paperback, $2.00

The Birth of Flux and Anchor (Soul Rider #4)
Although fourth in the series, this is actually a prequel to #1, set 2600 years earlier.
Tor: 1985. Paperback, $2.00

The Children of Flux and Anchor (Soul Rider #5)
Someone has found the key to the magic of Flux. Who will stand when the horror of Flux is unleashed?
Tor: 1986. Paperback, $2.00

Lords of the Middle Dark (Rings of the Master #1)
Long ago, legend had it, the machines rebelled, wiping out most of humanity and exiling the survivors in widely scattered reservations where they lived according to their ancient cultures.
Del Rey: 1986. Paperback, $2.00
Hodder (London): 1988. Paperback, $2.00
Severn: 1990. Hardcover, $15

Pirates of Thunder (Rings of the Master #2)
Now the stakes were rising, and Hawks was more determined than ever to find the gold rings. But Master System was out to capture him, and Chen was trying to follow him — and the only place his small band of rebels could hide was smack in the middle of pirate territory.
Del Rey: 1987. Paperback, $2.00
Hodder: 1988. Paperback, $2.00
Severn: 1990. Hardcover, $15

Warriors of the Storm (Rings of the Master #3)
Vulture is a shapechanger capable of absorbing the body and memories of any organic being. Without the information only Vulture can collect, the rebels will never succeed in gathering the five rings necessary to defeat Master System. Now an unknown entity seems to be giving Vulture an unseen hand. But the question is — whose side is it on?
Del Rey: 1987. Paperback, $2.00
Hodder: 1989. Paperback, $2.00

Masks of the Martyrs (Rings of the Master #4 [conclusion]) The renegade pirates of the giant spaceship THUNDER have collected all five of the rings necessary to eliminate the threat of Master System forever. But no one — not even Hawks — knows how the rings are used. And with Master Systems space fleet dogging their every step, they better find out fast!
Del Rey: 1988. Paperback, $2.00

This series tells of a small multi-universe corporation whose inhabitants discovered long ago the pathways to alternate universes–and the resulting profits from such knowledge.
The Labyrinth of Dreams (G.O.D., Inc. #1)
G.O.D. Inc., located in McInerney, Orgeon, poses as a company selling overpriced merchandise on late night TV – they actually run the Labyrinth, with access to infinite alternative earths filled with crime, danger and murder.
Tor: 1987. Paperback, $2.00

The Shadow Dancers (G.O.D., Inc. #2)
Power mad fanatics are running a narcotic V.D. that spreads like a bug, works like a drug, and one touch hooks you for good. It’s not just on your back, it’s in your mind. You become a zombie.
Tor: 1987. Paperback, $2.00

The Maze in the Mirror (G.O.D., Inc. #3)
Horowitz, a private investigator working for the company that rules the Labyrinth between infinite alternate Earths, becomes involved with rebels who plan to wreck the Labyrinth.
Tor: 1989. Paperback, $2.00

When the Changewinds Blow (Changewinds #1)
The Change Winds are coming: savage, purple tinged storms that alter the shapes of man and beast alike. Soon, all creatures must look to the skies, and be ware.
Ace: 1987. Paperback, $2.00
New English Library: 1991. Paperback, $3.00

Riders of the Winds (Changewinds #2)
The horned demon of the snows schemes to destroy all of Akahlar. With the power of the changewinds, he controls the mighty storms that alter man and beast.
Ace: 1988. Paperback, $2.00

War of the Maelstrom (Changewinds #3 [conclusion])
The evil of the inner hells could take the power away from the Storm Princess, and place it in the destructive hands of the horned demon.
Ace: 1988. Paperback, $2.00
NEL: 1993. Paperback, $3.00

The Changewinds (Changewinds #1-3)
Baen: 1996: Trade paperback, $7.50

The Demons at Rainbow Bridge (Quintara Marathon #1)
Three very different empires exist along-side one another, maintaining a delicate balance of power. Their only link: a strange, recurring legend of a horned demon. Now, they have found two horned creatures, seemingly lifeless and perfectly preserved–a discovery that changes all three empires forever.
Ace: 1989. Hardcover, $9.00
Baen: 1998. Paperback. Paperback, $3.00

The Run to Chaos Keep (Quintara Marathon #2)
When the two horned demons–the greatest discovery of all time–escape their giant sealed amber cell and leave a trail of mutilated victims, the three major empires must follow these creatures into another dimension.
Ace: 1991. Hardcover, $6.00
Ace: 1992. Paperback, $3.00
Baen: 1999. Paperback, $3.00

The Ninety Trillion Fausts (Quintara Marathon #3)
In the conclusion to “The Quintara Marathon” series, the legendary demons who have captured the imaginations of three alien races for centuries pursue the souls of ninety trillion Fausts.
Ace: 1991. Hardcover, $6.00
Ace: 1992. Paperback, $3.50

Echoes of the Well of Souls (Watchers of the Well #1)
Nathan Brazil, guardian of the Well of Souls, and high-tech thief Mavra Chang must decide whether or not to fight to protect the Well World from an unnamed, utterly alien entity.
Del Rey: 1993. Trade paperback, $5.00
Del Rey: 1994. Paperback, $3.00

Shadow of the Well of Souls (Watchers of the Well #2)
Racing to the Well World, bitter rivals Nathan Brazil and Mavra Chang find an impossibly changed land and a price on their heads, and fear that Brazil himself has been altered in an attempt to divert history.
Del Rey: 1994. Trade paperback, $6.00
Del Rey: 1994. Paperback, $3.00

Gods of the Well of Souls (Watchers of the Well #3 [conclusion])
Nathan Brazil was shipwrecked on a desert island with a seemingly harmless girl who had caused his mind to be invaded. Mavra Chang had been abducted by a gang of inter-hex drug smugglers and held prisoner. But the Well of Souls still needs its guardians.
Del Rey: 1994. Trade paperback, $6.00
Del Rey: 1995. Paperback, $3.00

The Watchers at the Well (Watchers of the Well #1-3)
SFBC: 1994. Hardcover, $10

The Cybernetic Walrus (Wonderland Gambit #1)
EVERYTHING YOU THINK YOU KNOW IS WRONG… That was the strange message left on Cory Maddox’s e-mail–just at the moment when years of work on a revolutionary subspace computer system was about to pay off.
Del Rey: 1995. Trade Paperback, $8.00
Del Rey: 1996. Paperback, $3.00

The March Hare Network (Wonderland Gambit #2)
In his latest incarnation, Cory Maddox must draw on his memories of a prior existence to develop the technology he needs to probe beyond the veil of reality to the system that controls all of existence.
Del Rey: 1996. Trade Paperback, $8.00
Del Rey: 1996. Paperback, $3.00

The Hot-Wired Dodo (Wonderland Gambit #3 [conclusion])
The conclusion of the Wonderland Gambit series follows Cory Maddox as he tries to find Matthew Brand, the brilliant engineer who can release him from virtual reality and return him home, before Brand is destroyed by his enemies.
Del Rey: 1997. Trade Paperback, $8.00
Del Rey: 1998. Paperback, $3.00

Balshazzar’s Serpent (Tales of the Three Kings #1)
The search for the legendary planetary system known as the Three Kings occupies starfaring humans. When an exploratory crew from The Mountain, a spaceship operated by a colony of religious zealots, lands on an unknown planet, they discover that in order to find the way to their goal, they must first travel through a valley of trials and tribulations.
Baen: 2000. Hardcover, $11.00
Baen: 2001. Paperback, $3.50

Melchoir’s Fire (Tales of the Three Kings #2)
For centuries, interstellar prospectors had searched for the fabled worlds of the Three Kings, the lost El Dorado of the galaxy. But none had succeeded. Only the mad cyborg Prophet, Ishmael Hand, had ever seen the mysterious system, and he had refused to reveal its location before vanishing forever into history. Then, with the help of his flock, a starfaring evangelist — Doctor Karl Woodward, preacher and leader of the starship The Mountain — found it.
Baen: 2001. Hardcover, $11.00
Baen: 2003. Paperback, $4.00

Kaspar’s Box (Tales of the Three Kings #3 [conclusion])
Baen: 2003. Hardcover, $12.00

Chameleon (Chameleon #1)
Baen: 2003.

“No Hiding Place”. In Stellar 3, 1977. $2.00

“In the Wilderness” In Analog, July 1978. $2.00
Reprinted in book format in Dancers in the Dark. (see above)

“Dance Band on the Titanic”. In Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, July/August 1978. $2.00
Reprinted in book format in Best of Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Dial: 1979. Paperback, $5.00
Reprinted in book format in Best SF, 1979, Daw: 1979. Paperback, $3.00
Reprinted in book format in Best SF 4, Daw: 1987. Paperback, $3.00
Reprinted in book format in The Best Alternative History Stories of the Twentieth Century, SFBC: 2001. Trade Paperback, $9.00

“Stormsong Runner”, in Whispers II, Doubleday, 1987. Paperback, $3.00
Reprinted in book format in Dixie Ghosts, Rutledge Hill: 1989. Trade Paperback, $6.00
Reprinted in book format in Haunted Houses, MJF: 1997. Hardcover, $10.
Little girl is in charge of thunderstorms for southern West Virginia.

“In the Dowaii Chambers”, in The John W. Campbell Awards Anthology, Vol. V, Blue Jay: 1984. Trade Paperback, $7.00

“Adrift Among the Ghosts” in The John W. Campbell Awards Anthology, Vol. VI, Blue Jay: 1986. Trade Paperback, $7.00
Reprinted in book format in Best SF, 1989, Daw: 1989. Paperback, $3.00

“Moth and Candle”, in Dancers in the Dark, Five Star: 2002. (see above)

“And Falls The Still, Still Night”, in Alternate Presidents, Tor: 1992. Paperback, $3.00

The Necronomicon: A Study
Although Mark Owings is listed as the author, Chalker actually wrote this one.
Mirage: 1967. Paperback, limited edition of 600, $80

An Informal Biography of Scrooge ($crooge) McDuck
with Carl Barks
Mirage: 1974. Paperback, limited edition of 2000, $70

The New H. P. Lovecraft Bibliography
Anthem: 1961. Paperback, limited edition of 110, $75

In Memoriam: Clark Ashton Smith
Anthem: 1963. Paperback, limited edition of 387, $75. (Supposedly ten hardcovers were also printed.)

Mirage On Lovecraft: A Literary View
Anthem: 1964. Paperback, limited edition of 200, $75

The Revised H. P. Lovecraft Bibliography
with Mark Owings
Mirage: 1973. Paperback, limited edition of 1500, $20

Index to the Science-Fantasy Publishers: A Bibliographic and Critical History
with Mark Owings.
Mirage: 1966. Paperback, $25
Mirage: 1991 (2/e). Paperback, $25
Supplement One
Mirage: 1993. Trade Paperback, $5
Supplement Two
Mirage: 1994. Trade Paperback, $5
Supplement Three
Mirage: 1995. Trade Paperback, $5
Supplement Four
Mirage: 1996. Trade Paperback, $5
Supplement Five
Mirage: 1997. Trade Paperback, $5
Supplement Six
Mirage: 1998. Trade Paperback, $5
Supplement Seven
Mirage: 1999. Trade Paperback, $5
Supplement Eight
Mirage: 2000. Trade Paperback, $5
Supplement Nine
Mirage: 2001. Trade Paperback, $5
Supplement Ten
Mirage: 2002. Trade Paperback, $5
Supplement Eleven
Mirage: 1998. Trade Paperback, $5
The Science-Fantasy Publishers 1993-2000 CD-ROM
Mirage: 2000. CD-ROM, $50. See www.miragepress.com