Piers Anthony Bibliography and Price Guide

Real Name: Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob. Signature value: $15

All prices below are “good deal” prices as of May, 2002. Hardcover prices assume first editions in at least very good condition with same dust jacket.

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Synopses are from Ingram, Booklist, AudioFile, Library Journal, Amazon, DJ flaps, and backs of books.

The Unstilled World
1956 (unsold novel). This book is listed on the author’s website.

Avon: 1969. Paperback, $2.00
Gregg Press: 1986. Hardcover, $60.
Easton Press: 1994. Leather, $60. Illus. By Walter Valez.

Prostho Plus
Dentist is captured by aliens.
Victor Gollancz: 1971. Hardcover, $75
Berkley: 1973. Paperback, $2.00
Science Fiction Book Club: 1972. Hardcover, $15
Tor: 1986. Paperback, $2.00

Race Against Time
Hawthorn: 1973. Hardcover, $50
Sidgwick & Jackson (London) : 1973. Hardcover, $20
Tor: 1985. Paperback, $2.00

Rings of Ice
Avon: 1974. Paperback, $2.00
Millington (London): 1975. Hardcover, $25

Triple Détente
Earth and Kazo discover that there is a third intelligent species in the galaxy.
DAW: 1974. Paperback, $2.00
Sphere (London): 1975. Paperback, $3.00
Tor: 1988. Paperback, $2.00

Ninth-century barbarian is abducted by interstellar Galactics to participate in the Game of Steppe, set fifteen centuries in the future.
Millington (London): 1976. Hardcover, $60
Tor: 1985. Hardcover, $5.00
Tor: 1986. Paperback, $2.00

But What of Earth?
With Robert Coulson (listed only on Laser edition.)
Dying Earth is saved by interstellar travel, as people stampede to leave it — those left behind must build a new life, or die.
Laser: 1976. (#44) Illus. By Kelly Freas. Paperback, $3.00.
Tor: 1989 (corrected edition). Illus by Don Maitz. Paperback, $2.00.

An Arabian Nights fantasy.
Fantastic Stories, December 1969 & February 1970. Magazine, $10.00 both
Borgo Press: 1977. 50 numbered signed copies. Hardcover, $150.
Borgo Press: 1977. Trade paperback, $10
Dell: 1979. Illus. By Stephen E. Fabian, Paperback, $2.00
Tor: 1986. Paperback, $2.00

Avon: 1981. Paperback, $2.00
Severn House (England): 1991. Hardcover, $25
Xlibris: 2001. Trade paperback, $2.00

Shade of the Tree
The estate was Joshua Pinson’s inheritance from his oddball uncle Elijah: isolated in the deep Florida woods, with a half-built solar house stocked with enough supplies to weather a siege. Josh decided it was time to take his two young children away from New York and the memories of their murdered mother. Time to make a new life in sunny Florida. There was just one thing that Josh hadn’t counted on. The place was haunted.
Tor: 1986. Hardcover, $5.00
Tor: 1987. Paperback, $2.00

Tor: 1986. Hardcover, $6.00
Tor: 1987. Paperback, $2.00

Bio of an Ogre : The Autobiography of Piers Anthony to Age 50
Ace: 1988. Hardcover, $12
Ace: 1989. Paperback, $2.00

Total Recall
Inspired by the classic Philip K. Dick short story, “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale”.
Morrow/Avon: 1989. Hardcover, $10
Morrow/Avon: 1990. Paperback, $2.00
Legend (London): 1990. Hardcover $8.00

Erotic fantasy for adults.
Tafford Publishing: 1989. Hardcover, $200
Tafford Publishing: 1991. Trade Paperback, $60

Hard Sell
Fisk Centers buys real estate on Mars and has various adventures.
Tafford Publishing: 1990. Hardcover, $8.00
Ace: 1993. Paperback, $2.00

He was the largest land mammal of prehistoric times. Now computers, genetic engineering, & a touch of luck have brought one of these magnificent creatures back to life, and into the life of a boy named Thor Nemmen.
Underwood-Miller: 1990. Illus. By Patrick Woodroffe. Hardcover, $12
Ace: 1997. Paperback, $3.00

Skin and bones, literally. The skin was like parchment, crinkled and collapsed, draped over the skull, limbs, rib cage, backbone and pelvis within the clothing. It was as if a giant snake swallowed a man, digested him but not his clothing, and shed its skin, leaving only bones within it…
Morrow/Avon: 1990. Hardcover, $7.00
Morrow/Avon: 1992. Paperback, $2.50

Alien tries to save Earth from disaster by recruiting five humans, aided by underwater-breathing technology.
Tafford Publishing: 1991. Hardcover, $12
Ace: 1992. Paperback, $2.50

Tatham Mound : America’s Lost People Live Again
Historical fiction based in Florida during the Spanish Conquest. (Generally not well received by the public.)
Morrow/Avon: 1991. Hardcover, $6.00
Morrow/Avon: 1992. Paperback, $2.00

Paralyzed while in the line of duty, policeman Walter Toland faces a bleak future, until he discovers Killobyte, a virtual reality computer game that enables him to experience adventures.
Putnam/Ace: 1993. Hardcover, $7.00
Ace: 1994. Paperback, $2.00

Letters To Jenny
A collection of compassionate letters written in answer to a plea from Jenny’s mother that offer a glimpse into the heart of the author.
Tor: 1993. Hardcover, $10
Tor: 1994. Paperback, $2.00

A serious novel of World War II and forbidden love, featuring a romance between a Nazi SS officer and his American friends fiancee, a pacifist Quaker lady. Politically incorrect, it covers some hard truths. Not all Nazis were evil, and the Allies also kept death camps
Pulpless.com: 1996. Visit http://www.pulpless.com/volk.html, $3.50
xLibris: 1997. Hardcover, $15
xLibris: 1997. Trade paperback, $10

Realty Check
Renters move in to strange house.
Pulpless.com: 1999. Visit http://www.pulpless.com, $3.50
xLibris: 2000. Hardcover, $15
Write Way: 2001. Trade paperback, $8.00

How Precious Was That While
Tor: 2001. Hardcover, $13
Tor: 2002. Paperback, $4.00

(Anthony’s first novel.) Aton Five, commits the crime of falling in love with the dangerous and alluring Minionette and is sentenced to death in the subterranean prison of Chthon
Ballantine: 1967. Paperback, $3.00
Berkley: 1975. Paperback , $2.00
Ace: 1987. Paperback, $2.00
Xlibris: 2000. Hardcover, $10
Xlibris: 2000. Trade Paperback, $6.00
Aton’s future splits, but his son Arlo is satisfied with neither.
Berkley: 1978. Paperback, $2.00
Ace: 1987. Paperback, $2.00
Xlibris: 2000. Hardcover, $10
Xlibris: 2000. Trade Paperback, $6.00

Rising from the ashes of its final destruction, the story of the savage struggle for empire and dominance in post cataclysmic America.
Avon: 1978. 3-in-1 Paperback, $4.00
Sos the Rope
Pyramid: 1968. Paperback, $4.00
Corgi (London): 1975. Paperback, $4.00
Var the Stick
Bantam: 1973, 1978. Paperback, $2.00
Corgi (London): 1975. Paperback, $3.00
Neq the Sword
Corgi (London): 1975. Paperback, $8.00

Across time and space roamed the Three – the cripple, the woman, the man of brawn, held together by a triangle of indeterminate love- trying to unravel the mysteries of fantasy worlds, and accompanied always by the strange and weirdly beautiful Mantas.
Corgi (London): 1971. 3-in-1 Paperback, $8.00
Ballantine: 1968. Paperback, $2.00
Ballantine: 1968. BCE Hardcover, $3.00
Avon: 1975. Paperback, $2.00
Avon: 1970. Paperback, $2.00
Nelson Doubleday: 1970. BCE Hardcover, $3.00
Avon: 1976. Paperback, $2.00
Nelson Doubleday: 1976. BCE Hardcover, $3.00

CLUSTER SERIES (originally a trilogy)
The adventures of Flint the caveman in a futuristic galaxy.
Cluster (Published as Vicinity Cluster in U.K.)
Avon: 1977. Paperback, $2.00
Millington (London): 1979. Hardcover, $15
Chaining the Lady
Avon: 1978. Paperback, $2.00
Millington: 1979. Hardcover, $20
Kirlian Quest
Avon: 1978. Paperback, $2.00
Millington (London): 1979. Hardcover, $15
Avon: 1980. Paperback, $2.00
Viscous Circle
Avon: 1982. Paperback, $2.00

‘Welcome to the fantastic planet of Tarot! It is a land of horror and adventure, a nightmarish realm beyond the curtain of the Animation, where dragons, demons and unholy lusts abound. It is into this world of alien horrors that Paul, wanderer-monk, must venture to save a star colony. He is their last hope – a warrior in a world where religions are wielded like swords.. and the landscape is that of Hell itself’.
Ace: 1987. 3-in-1 Paperback, $6.00
Grafton (London): 1989. 3-in-1 Paperback, $6.00
God of Tarot
Berkley: 1980. Paperback, $2.00
Vision of Tarot
Berkley: 1980. Paperback, $2.00
Faith of Tarot
Berkley: 1980. Paperback, $2.00

Anthony’s most popular series covers the magical (and pun-laden) world of Xanth.
#1 A Spell for Chameleon
Del Rey: 1977. Paperback, $5.00 for first edition, $2.00 for reprints
Easton Press: 1999. Leather, $50.
#2 The Source of Magic
Ordered by King Trent to determine the source of Xanth’s magic, Bink and his companions were harried by an unseen enemy determined to thwart them.
Del Rey: 1979. Paperback, $4.00 for first edition, $2.00 for reprints
MacDonald (London) 1984. Hardcover, $100
#3 Castle Roogna
Millie, a ghost for 800 years wants only one man–Jonathan, and he’s a zombie. To prove himself, Magician Dor volunteers to get the potion that can restore Jonathan to full life.
Del Rey: 1979. Paperback, $2.00
MacDonald (London): 1984. Hardcover, $75
#1-3. The Magic of Xanth: A Spell for Chameleon, The Source of Magic, Castle Roogna
Nelson Doubleday: 1979. BCE Hardcover, $8.00
#4 Centaur Aisle
Dor agreed to act as King of Xanth so long as Trent was gone for a week. But the weeks passed and Trent did not return.
Del Rey: 1981. BCE Hardcover, $3.00
Del Rey: 1982. Paperback, $2.00
MacDonald (London): 1984. Hardcover, $50
#5 Ogre, Ogre
Smash, himself, was part ogre. Although ogres were considered so stupid they could hardly speak, and spent their time eating young girls, seven assorted females had suddenly turned to him for guidance and saftety?
Del Rey: 1982. Paperback, $2.00
Del Rey: 1982. BCE Hardcover, $5.00
#6 Night Mare
Although the next wave of barbarian warriors was invading Xanth, Mare Imbrium discovered that ever since she had gained the half soul, the night mare had begun to mishandle her job of delivering bad dreams.
Del Rey: 1983. Paperback, $2.00
Del Rey: 1982. BCE Hardcover, $5.00
#7 Dragon on a Pedestal
The Gap Dragon has escaped and is ravaging across the land, the forget-spell is causing mass amnesia, and three-year old Ivy is headed right for a hungry dragon. Could things get any worse?
Del Rey: 1983. Paperback, $2.00
Del Rey: 1983. BCE Hardcover, $5.00
#8 Crewel Lye
Jordan was a ghost in Castle Roogna now. Although once he had been the most valorus of knights–that is, until he was betrayed by two wily magicians and the woman he loves. Now, if he only can remember how he was killed, he’ll be able to reassemble his body.
Del Rey: 1985. Paperback, $2.00
Del Rey: 1984. BCE Hardcover, $5.00
#9 Golem in the Gears
Grundy Golem got no respect. So, to prove himself, he volunteered for a quest to find the long-lost dragon, Stanley Steamer.
Del Rey: 1986. Paperback, $2.00
Del Rey: 1986. BCE Hardcover, $5.00
#10 Vale of the Vole
Avon: 1987. Paperback, $2.00
Avon: 1987. BCE Hardcover, $5.00
New English Library: 1988. Hardcover, $15
Tor: 2000. Paperback, $3.00
#11 Heaven Cent
Avon: 1988. Paperback, $2.00
Avon: 1988. BCE Hardcover, $8.00
New English Library: 1989. Hardcover, $15
Tor: 2000. Paperback, $3.00
#12 Man from Mundania
Ivy, the bored princess of Xanth, uses the Heaven Cent to find a little adventure. What she finds instead is a world similar to her own and a college student who doesn’t believe in magic.
Avon: 1989. Paperback, $2.00
Avon: 1989. BCE Hardcover, $10
New English Library: 1990. Hardcover, $15
Tor: 2000. Paperback, $3.00
#13 Isle of View
Prince Dolph, Xanth’s precocious shapeshifter, should be in love but isn’t. Nonetheless, he must chose between two fiancées — Nada the uninterested and Electra the uninteresting — or all three of them will suffer the most dire consequences.
Morrow/Avon: 1990. Paperback, $2.00
Morrow/Avon: 1990. Hardcover, $15
Valet Publishing Co.: 1990. Limited signed edition of 1150, Hardcover, slipcase, $175
#14 Question Quest
At last, “Question Quest” is the long-untold life story of Good Magician Humfrey and his five-and-a-half wives.
Morrow/Avon: 1991. Paperback, $3.00
Morrow/Avon: 1991. Hardcover, $12
New English Library: Hardcover, $20
#15 The Color of Her Panties
Preoccupied with helping Gwenny beat out her awful half-brother, Gobble, for chiefship of the goblin horde, Che Centaur and Jenny Elf, along with Gwenny, must find the fabulous egg in order to reach their goal.
Avon: 1992. Paperback, $3.00
Avon: 1992. Hardcover, $15
New English Library: 1992. Hardcover, $15
#16 Demons Don’t Dream (book #1 of the “new” Xanth series)
Two young adventurers are drawn into the world of Xanth through a computer game and find themselves in a desperate race against time when treachery, danger, and deceit place Xanth itself in peril, as they learn that some things are more important than winning.
Tor: 1993. Paperback, $3.00
Tor: 1993. BCE Hardcover, $5.00
Tor: 1993. Hardcover, $10.00
#17 Harpy Thyme
Being the only one of her crossbred species and at an age when the opposite sex holds some attraction, Gloha, half-harpy, half-goblin, appeals to Good Magician Humphry for help in finding a mate.
Tor: 1994. Hardcover, $7.00
Tor: 1994. Paperback, $3.00
#18 Geis of the Gargoyle
Cary Gargoyle has a geis, a magical obligation, to protect the river Swan Knee, which flows from Mundania into Xanth, and must now find a spell to fight its pollution.
Tor: 1995. Hardcover, $7.00
Tor: 1995. Paperback, $3.00
#19 Roc and a Hard Place
The Demoness Metria has a problem that only the good magician Humfrey can help her solve. There is a price to pay, however–finding a jury to give Roxanne Roc, under indictment for some bizarre crimes, an impartial trial.
Tor: 1995. Hardcover, $10
Hodder & Stoughton (London): 1995. Hardcover, $12
Tor: 1995. Paperback, $3.00
#20 Yon Ill Wind
Xanth’s presiding demon goes in disguise on a quest and hoping to wring a tear from a hard-hearted wench named Chlorine.
Tor: 1996. Hardcover, $11
Hodder & Stoughton (London): 1996. Hardcover, $15
Tor: 1996. Paperback, $3.00
#21 Faun & Games
Orbiting the head of Princess Ida of Castle Roogna is a tiny miniature planet called Ptero, where everything in Xanth that ever was, or might be, can be found!
Tor: 1997. Hardcover, $12
Tor: 1997. Paperback, $3.00
#22 Zombie Lover
A gorgeous black girl named Brianna finds herself lusted after by Xeth, king of the Zombies. Being inclined, even grimly determined, to decline his attentions, she thereupon must flee to the Isle of Women, and beyond.
Tor: 1998. Hardcover, $12
Tor: 1998. Paperback, $3.00
#23 Xone of Contention
A climatic catastrophe is causing a massive meltdown that threatens to inundate the ancient forests of Xanth.
Tor: 1999. Hardcover, $15
Tor: 1999. Paperback, $3.00
#24 The Dastard
Farm boy Anomy gives up his soul in return for the ability to unhappen events. Since he uses this power mostly for ill, he adopts the sobriquet the Dastard and becomes a problem.
Tor: 2000. Hardcover, $15
Tor: 2000. Paperback, $3.00
#25 Swell Foop
The Demon Earth has disappeared, which means that eventually not only some but all gravity will disappear from Earth and Xanth.
Tor: 2001. Hardcover, $15
Tor: 2001. Paperback, $4.00
#26 Up in a Heaval
An innocent piece of Mundane Snail Mail has provoked the dreaded Demon Jupiter to hurl his Red Spot at the magical land of Xanth.
Tor: 2002. Hardcover, $15
Tor: 2002. Paperback, $4.00
#27 Cube Route
Tor: 2003. Hardcover,

Here two worlds exist side by side: Proton and Phaze. Proton is a science fiction world, where everything works in a logical and scientific manner. Phaze is a fantasy world similar to Anthony’s Xanth in that there’s no such thing as science–it’s all done with magic!
Split Infinity
On the technological, decadent world of Proton, someone was trying to destroy Stile, serf and master Gamesman. His only escape lay in Phaze, a world totally ruled by magic. Soon he learned that his alternate self had already been murdered, and that he was next.
Del Rey: 1980. Hardcover, $30
Del Rey: 1981. Paperback, $2.00
Blue Adept
Del Rey: 1981. Hardcover, $15
Del Rey: 1982. Paperback, $2.00
Stile had problems on two different worlds. On Proton he was threatened with murder, and on Phaze, an alternate world ruled by magic, he had to master magic, fight a dragon, win the friendship of a lady unicorn, locate his enemy among the paranoid Adepts and return out of Phaze to win the Great Games on Proton.
Del Rey: 1982. Hardcover, $10
Del Rey: 1983. Paperback, $2.00
Double Exposure: Split Infinity, Blue Adept, Juxtaposition
Nelson Doubleday: 1983. BCE Hardcover, $9.00
Out of Phaze
Mach is a self-willed robot from the technological world of Proton. Bane is an apprentice wizard from magical Phaze. When an accidental mind-switch plunges each into the other’s world, they must survive the hazards of the Phaze-Proton power struggle.
Putnam/Ace: 1987. Hardcover, $5.00
Putnam/Ace: 1988. Paperback, $2.00
Robot Adept
Proton and Phaze, parallel worlds of science and magic, are ripe with the seeds of revolution. Mach, a brave and sensitive robot from Proton, and his alternate self, magical Bane from Phaze, hold the power to link the two warring systems–or to destroy them.
Putnam/Ace: 1988. Hardcover, $5.00
Putnam/Ace: 1989. Paperback, $2.00
Unicorn Point
The fight for freedom must be waged by Mach and Bane, robot and wizard, linked between worlds. But they are not the only ones with this strange ability. For their children have been born–each possessing powers the enemy could never imagine.
Putnam/Ace: 1989. Hardcover, $5.00
Putnam/Ace: 1990. Paperback, $2.00
Phaze Doubt
With most of the inhabitants of the planet Phaze/Proton incarcerated or in hiding from a hated enemy government, the job of saving this endangered planet falls to Nepe and Flach, two children with special magical powers.
Putnam/Ace: 1990. Hardcover, $7.00
Putnam/Ace: 1991. Paperback, $3.00

#1 On a Pale Horse
When Zane shot Death, he learned, too late, that he would have to assume his place, speeding over the world riding his pale horse, and ending the lives of others.
Del Rey: 1983. Hardcover, $15
Del Rey: 1983. BCE Hardcover, $6.00
Del Rey: 1984. Paperback, $2.00
#2 Bearing an Hourglass
Norton, who accepted the position as the Incarnation of Time, is challenged by Satan as he accepts the responsibility of living backward from present to past.
Del Rey: 1984. Hardcover, $15
Del Rey: 1984. BCE Hardcover, $5.00
Del Rey: 1985. Paperback, $2.00
#3 With a Tangled Skein
Niobe must take on Satan in order to rescue her son and granddaughter.
Del Rey: 1985. Hardcover, $10
Del Rey: 1985. BCE Hardcover, $5.00
Del Rey: 1986. Paperback, $2.00
#4 Wielding a Red Sword
Mym was a dutiful son, but rather than agree to his father’s choice for his marriage, he took up the Red Sword, symbol of office of the Incarnation of War, in order to ameliorate some of the suffering caused by Earth’s constant petty wars.
Del Rey: 1986. Hardcover, $8.00
Del Rey: 1986: BCE Hardcover, $5.00
Del Rey: 1987. Paperback, $2.00
#5 Being a Green Mother
Orb had a rare gift–the magic which manifested whenever she sang or played her harp. No one could resist her music. But she knew that greater magic lay in the Llano, the mystic music that controlled all things. The quest for the Llano occupied Orb’s life.
Del Rey: 1987. Hardcover, $8.00
Del Rey: 1987. BCE Hardcover, $5.00
Del Rey: 1988. Paperback, $2.00
#6 For Love of Evil
In For Love of Evil, the human who becomes the incarnation of evil, Satan, is troubled by the nature of good versus evil and decides to end it all in a death duel with God.
Morrow/Avon: 1988. Hardcover, $8.00
Morrow/Avon: 1988. BCE Hardcover, $5.00
Morrow/Avon: 1990. Paperback, $2.00
#7 And Eternity
In the triumphant finale to the Incarnations of Immortality series, the Incarnation of Good dominates. As the story begins, Orlene has died, joining forces with Jolie and Vita. Together, these three women will test the limits of morality.
Morrow/Avon: 1990. Hardcover, $8.00
Morrow/Avon: 1990. BCE Hardcover, $5.00
Morrow/Avon: 1991. Paperback, $3.00

Featuring the stages in the life of Hope Hubris, the Tyrant of Jupiter, and his beloved sister Spirit.
Avon: 1983. Paperback, $2.00
Gregg: 1986. Hardcover, $75
xLibris: 2000. Trade Paperback, $7.00
xLibris: 2000. Hardcover, $10
Avon: 1984. Paperback, $2.00
Gregg: 1986. Hardcover, $30
xLibris: 2000. Trade Paperback, $7.00
xLibris: 2000. Hardcover, $10
Avon: 1985. Paperback, $2.00
Gregg: 1986. Hardcover, $30
xLibris: 2000. Trade Paperback, $7.00
xLibris: 2000. Hardcover, $10
Bio of a Space Tyrant: Refugee; Mercenary; Politician.
Octopus Books: 1987. Hardcover, $15
Avon: 1985. Paperback, $2.00
xLibris: 2000. Trade Paperback, $10
xLibris: 2000. Hardcover, $15
Avon: 1986. Paperback, $3.00
xLibris: 2000. Trade Paperback, $10
xLibris: 2000. Hardcover, $15
The Iron Maiden
xLibris: 2002. Trade Paperback, $10

Virtual Mode
A man and woman from two alternate worlds face love and danger across time and space.
Putnam/Ace: 1991. Hardcover, $5.00
Putnam/Ace: 1991. Paperback, $3.00
Fractal Mode
Four people with special qualities are brought across parallel universes to help their fifth member, Nona, the ninth child of a ninth child, overthrow the despots of her home universe and deliver power over to women.
Putnam/Ace: 1992. Hardcover, $5.00
Putnam/Ace: 1992. Paperback, $3.00
Chaos Mode
In this fantasy adventure Colene, Darius, Sequiro and Nona are joined on their journey across alternate universes by Burgess, a tentacled being who needs medical attention.
Putnam/Ace: 1993. Hardcover, $5.00
Putnam/Ace: 1995. Paperback, $3.00
DoOon Mode
A trio of cat-based androids from DoOon Mode accepts a challenge posed by the evil Emperor Ddwng to find clinically depressed, suicidal 14-year-old Colene and her loving, stable husband, Darius, to force them to hand over the powerful Chip.
Tor: 2001. Hardcover, $13
Tor: 2002. Paperback, $4.00

Isle of Woman
In a series of stories braced by paragraphs of quasi-facts, Anthony writes about two families whose members are continually reborn: firetender Scorch, his mate Ember, and their daughter, Crystal; Bunny, her mate Blaze, and their son, Stone.
Tor: 1993. Hardcover, $7.00
Tor: 1994. Paperback, $3.00
Shame of Man
Witnessing some of the most turbulent periods in human history, Hugh, a dreamer and musician, and his beloved Ann, a beautiful dancer, are reborn again and again in order to preserve their families and way of life.
Tor: 1994. Hardcover, $7.00
Tor: 1995. Paperback, $3.00
Hope of Earth
Jes is a strong woman who yearns for a man’s love but will not give up her athletic, almost masculine approach to life. Sam feels cursed to marry an ugly woman, and brilliant Ned is led astray by beautiful ones.
Tor: 1997. Hardcover, $10
Tor: 1998. Paperback, $3.00
Muse of Art
Features the bright, difficult, and so aptly named Melee, the inarticulate but still eloquent Dillon, the crippled Od, and the wise Bata struggling with the various motivations for making art: love, spirituality, even greed.
Tor: 1999. Hardcover, $10
Tor: 2001. Paperback, $4.00
Climate of Change (future release)

The Ring
With Robert E. Margroff
After a youth spent trapped in space exile, Jeff Front returned to Earth to seek vengeance against the planetary mogul who had framed and destroyed Jeff’s family.
Ace: 1968. Paperback, $2.00
Tor: 1986. Paperback, $2.00
MacDonald (London): 1969. Hardcover, $40
Xlibris: 2002. Trade Paperback, $7.00

The E.S.P. Worm
With Robert E. Margroff
Paperback Library: 1970. Paperback, $2.00
Tor: 1986. Paperback, $2.00
Xlibris: 2002. Trade Paperback, $7.00

With Frances T. Hall
An an alien occupies the body of a boy during the time of the Babylonian Empire and guides him to a strange and fantastic destiny.
Borgo: 1979. Limited edition of 50 signed by both authors, Hardcover $125
Tor: 1985. Paperback, $2.00

Dead Morn
With Roberto Fuentes
With humankind surviving underground in the twenty-fifth-century’s last city, a courageous man journeys back in time into Cuba’s history to try to alter the past and stop the worldwide conflagration that would leave Earth a nuclear wasteland.
Tafford: 1990. Hardcover, $9.00
Ace: 1994. Paperback, $3.00

Uncollected Stars
With Malzberg, Greenberg, Waugh (anthology)
Avon: 1986. Paperback, $6.00

Visual Guide to Xanth
With Jody Lynn Nye
Readers take a guided tour to the strange geography, magical locations, and the fantastical creatures that make the Land of Xanth unique.
Avon: 1989. Trade Paperback, $10
Avon: 1989. BCE Hardcover, $20

Through the Ice
With Robert Kornwise
Seth is whisked from fighting teenage punks in Michigan to being part of a quest–along with Tirsa the telepath, Rame the faun, and Vidav the giant–when he falls through the ice.
Underwood/Miller: 1989. Hardcover, $15
Baen: 1992. Paperback, $3.00

The Caterpillar’s Question
With Philip Jose Farmer
En route to a special clinic across the country, mute and physically handicapped Tappy Concord persuades her driver, struggling art student Jack, to take a detour to a world tyrannized by an all-powerful galactic empire.
Putnam/Berkley: 1992. Hardcover, $8.00
Putnam/Berkley: 1995. Paperback, $3.00

If I Pay Thee Not in Gold
With Mercedes Lackey
In the land of Mazonia where magic is the province of women and men are considered no better than slaves, a young sorceress sets out to defeat a curse upon her family and becomes the catalyst for changing her world.
Baen: 1993. Hardcover, $6.00
Baen: 1994. Paperback, $3.00

Tales From the Great Turtle: Fantasy in the Native American Tradition
With Richard Gilliam (anthology)
Tor: 1994. Hardcover, $9.00
Tor: 1995. Paperback, $3.00

The Willing Spirit
With Alfred Tella
Hari leaves his native village on a quest for true wisdom, but unbeknownst to him, his journey becomes the subject of a wager between two immortals, the beautiful Mohini and the evil Ravana.
Tor: 1996. Hardcover, $10
Tor: 1998. Paperback, $3.00

Spider Legs
With Clifford A. Pickover
Now, when the earth’s hungry inhabitants demand more than even the ocean’s endless bounty can provide, strange things are being born in the oceanic depths–strange things that the sea throws back upon the land.
Tor: 1998. Hardcover, $10
Tor: 1999. Paperback, $3.00

Quest for the Fallen Star
With J. R. Goolsby and Alan Riggs
To save the Realm, which is being menaced by the Dark One and his minions, the High Bishop charges a band of lonely travelers with the task of carrying the Thunderwood staff, the mightiest weapon ever known, to the safety of the Holy City of Norivika.
Tor: 1998. Hardcover, $10
Tor: 1999. Paperback, $3.00

Dream a Little Dream
With Julie Brady
Nola and Tina are both girls with problems. They don’t know each other yet, but they will, because each is a Creator, with the magical ability to turn dreams into reality.
Tor: 1999. Hardcover, $12
Tor: 1999. Paperback, $3.00

The Secret of Spring
With Jo Anne Taeusch
Herb Moss is a nice young man. He’s a Vegan: a member of a genetically engineered species, part human and part plant, living on the planet New World.
Tor: 2000. Hardcover, $12
Tor: 2001. Paperback, $4.00

The Gutbucket Quest
With Ron Leming
Transported by a lightning bolt from his home in Texas to the independent country of Tejas, guitarist Slim Chance joins an old blues man named Progress T. Hornsby and a sultry singer called Nadine on a quest for the magical guitar Gutbucket.
Tor: 2000. Hardcover, $12
Tor: 2001. Paperback, $4.00

Berkley: 1974. Paperback, $30
Mistress of Death
Berkley: 1974. Paperback, $20
Jason Striker Martial Arts Series Volume I: Kiai and Mistress of Death
xLibris: 2000. Trade Paperback, $10
Bamboo Bloodbath
Berkley: 1974. Paperback, $20
Ninja’s Revenge
Berkley: 1975. Paperback, $20
Jason Striker Martial Arts series Vol. 2: Bamboo Bloodbath and Ninja’s Revenge
xLibris: 2000. Trade Paperback, $10
Amazon Slaughter
Berkley: 1976. Paperback, $20
Curse of the Ninja
First published by xLibris in Jason Striker Vol. 3.
Jason Striker Martial Arts series Vol. 3: Amazon Slaughter and Curse of the Ninja
xLibris: 2000. Trade Paperback, $10

DRAGON’S GOLD SERIES (with Robert E. Margroff)
Dragon’s Gold
When Kelvin was a boy, his mother read to him from the Book of Prophecy. Now the Kingdom of Rud languishes under the heel of a usurper, and the words of the prophet echo across Rud.
Tor: 1987. Paperback, $2.00
Serpent’s Silver
Young Kelvin Knight Hackleberry, Roundear of Prophecy needs to rescue both his father and his brother, but his wife’s true father, the rough and rugged St. Helens, has appeared out of nowhere to insist on helping Kelvin, over Kelvin’s strong objections.
Tor: 1988. Hardcover, $5.00
Tor: 1989. Paperback, $2.00
Chimaera’s Copper
When his two deadliest enemies join forces to take revenge on him, Kelvin is trapped in the distant Frame World and must escape in order to save the woman he loves, who carries their unborn child.
Tor: 1990. Hardcover, $5.00
Tor: 1991. Paperback, $3.00
Three Complete Novels : Dragon’s Gold, Serpent’s Silver, Chimera’s Copper
Wings Books: 1993. Hardcover, $10
The Adventures of Kelvin of Rud, Across the Frames: Dragon’s Gold, Serpent’s Silver, Chimaera’s Copper.
Guild America Books: 1990. Hardcover, $10
Orc’s Opal
The multiframed realities inhabited by Kelvin Knight Hackleberry are threatened by the menace of the evil witch Zady.
Tor: 1990. Hardcover, $10
Tor: 1991. Paperback, $3.00
Mouvar’s Magic
With the Prophecy of Mouvar about to be realized, Kelvin’s children, Charles and Merlain–now twenty years old–must prevent the evil Professor Devale and his witch servant Zady from destroying Kelvin and hope for the prophecy’s fulfillment.
Tor: 1992. Hardcover, $10
Tor: 1993. Paperback, $3.00
The Adventures of Kelvin of Rud, Final Magic: Orc’s Opal & Mouvar’s Magic
Tor: 1992. Hardcover, $10

Anthonology (collection of stories from 1963-1985)
Tor: 1985. Hardcover, $15
Tor: 1986. Paperback, $3.00
Alien Plot (collection of stories from 1963-1991)
Tor: 1992. Hardcover, $10
Tor: 1993. Paperback, $3.00