Time Life Series Bibliography

The following lists are for the various series published by Time-Life. They are either in chronological order or alphabetical order, depending on the set.

The majority of these books are worth $5-$10 dollars, although the last one or a few that was published in the series is generally worth more.

Please note that at this time, the vast majority of our Time-Life books are NOT listed–we generally only list complete sets, but we usually have partial sets lying around the store. So, you’re best off sending us an email. The retail values listed for the full set merely reflect how Browsers’ most often prices these sets. You might find better deals out there, and we have certainly seen sets go for more on eBay. If you’re going to bid on a Time-Life set on eBay, I would not recommend going much above these prices for the total of your final auction value PLUS shipping (be careful of shipping charges at auction!) In general, it’s a good idea to talk to your local bookstore–if they don’t have it in stock, they can probably find a set for you within a few months, at a reasonable price.

As with most pages on this website, this one is under construction. More series will be added as time allows. Thanks for your patience!


Time-Life The Old West: Complete set has 26 volumes plus paperback index. (Retail value is $150 for the set.)

In alphabetical order:

The Alaskans
The Canadians
The Chroniclers
The Cowboys
The End and The Myth: The hardest one to find.
The Expressmen
The Forty-Niners
The Frontiersmen
The Gamblers
The Great Chiefs
The Gun Fighters
The Indians
The Loggers
The Mexican War
The Miners
The Pioneers
The Railroaders
The Ranchers
The Rivermen
The Scouts
The Soldiers
The Spanish West
The Texans
The Townsmen
The Trailblazers
The Women
MASTER INDEX: A staplebound softcover.


Time-Life The American Indians. Complete set is 23 volumes.  (Retail value is $150 for the set.)

Algonquins of the East Coast
The Buffalo Hunters
Chroniclers of Indian Life
Cycles of Life
The European Challenge
The First Americans
Hunters of the Northern Forests
The Indians of California
Indians of the Western Range
Keepers of the Totem
The Mighty Chieftains
People of the Desert
People of the Ice and Snow
People of the Lakes
Realm of the Iroquois
The Reservations
The Spirit World
Tribes of the Southern Plains
Tribes of the Southern Woodlands
War for the Plains
The Way of the Warrior
Winds of Renewal
The Woman’s Way

Time-Life World War II: Complete set has 39 volumes. Retail value is $250.

In chronological order:

Prelude to War
The Battle of Britain
The Rising Sun
The Battle of the Atlantic
Russia besieged
The War in the Desert
The Home Front: U.S.A.
China-Burma India
Island fighting
The Italian Campaign
Partisans and Guerrillas
The Second Front
Return to the Philippines
The Air War in Europe
The Resistance
The Battle of the Bulge
Road to Tokyo
Red Army Resurgent
The Nazis
Across the Rhine
War Under the Pacific
War in the Outposts
The Soviet Juggernaut
Japan at War
The Mediterranean
Battles for Scandinavia
The Secret War
Prisoners of War
The Commandos
The Home Front: Germany
Italy at War
Bombers Over Japan
The Neutrals
Victory in Europe
The fall of Japan
Aftermath: Asia
Aftermath: Europe


Time-Life Foods of the World: Complete set has 27 volumes, each in a slipcase with the spiral-bound recipe book (54 books in all.) Retail value $250

I have also seen hardcover portfolios that have a cut-out recess for the cookbook, but the slipcased sets are much more common. Arranged chronologically.

American Cooking
American Cooking: Creole, Acadian
American Cooking: The Eastern Heartland
American Cooking: The Great West
American Cooking: The Melting Pot
American Cooking: New England
American Cooking: The Northwest
American Cooking: Southern Style
The Cooking of the British Isles
The Cooking of the Caribbean Islands
The Cooking of China
The Cooking of Germany
The Cooking of India
The Cooking of Italy
The Cooking of Japan
The Cooking of Provincial France
The Cooking of Scandinavia
The Cooking of Spain & Portugal
The Cooking of Vienna ‘s Empire
African Cooking
Classic French Cooking
Russian Cooking
Latin American Cooking
Middle Eastern Cooking
Pacific & Southeast Asian Cooking
A Quintet of Cuisines
Wines and Spirits


The LIFE Science Library: Complete set is 26 volumes, including the hardbound index. Retail value $75-100. Weight: 50 lbs.

Arranged alphabetically.

The Body
The Cell
The Engineer
Food and Nutrition
Giant Molecules
Health and Disease
Light and Vision
Man and Space
The Mind
The Physician
The Scientist
Sound and Hearing
+ A Guide to Science and Index


Time-Life Civil War (silver quartos): Complete set is 28 volumes, including the hardbound index. Retail value $150

Arranged chronologically.

Brother Against Brother
War On The Mississippi
First Blood
The Blockade
The Road To Shiloh
Forward To Richmond
Decoying The Yanks
Confederate Ordeal
Lee Takes Command
The Coastal War
Tenting Tonight
The Bloodiest Day
Rebels Resurgent
Twenty Million Yankees
The Struggle For Tennessee
The Fight For Chattanooga
Spies, Scouts and Raiders
Battles For Atlanta
The Killing Ground
Sherman’s March
Death In The Trenches
War On The Frontier
The Shenandoah In Flames
Pursuit To Appomattox
The Assassination
The Nation Reunited
Master Index


Time-Life Epic of Flight: Complete set is 23 volumes. Retail value is $100.

Arranged chronologically.

The Road to Kittyhawk
The First Aviators
The Pathfinders
The Explorers
Flying the Mail
Women Aloft
Barnstormers & Speed Kings
The Airline Builders
The Giant Airships
Knights of the Air
The Bush Pilots
The Aeronauts
Architects of Power
Soldiers of Fortune
The Luftwaffe
The RAF at War
The Carrier War
The Soviet Airforce at War
America in the Air War
Designers and Test Pilots
The Helicopters
The Jet Age
Fighting Jets


Time-Life The Seafarers: Complete set is 22 volumes. Retail value is $125

Arranged in what I think is chronological.

The Ancient Mariners
The Vikings
The Venetians
The Armada
The Spanish Main
The Explorers
The Pirates
The Pacific Navigators
The Whalers
The Men of War
Fighting Sail
The Frigates
The East Indiamen
The Atlantic Crossing
The Northwest Passage
The Clipper Ships
The Windjammers
The Great Liners
The Racing Yachts
The Luxury Yachts
The Dreadnaughts
The U-Boats


Time-Life Vietnam Experience: Complete set is 25 volumes. Retail value $140

A Collision of Cultures
A Contagion of War
A Nation Divided
A War Remembered
America Takes Over
Combat Photographer
False Peace
Fighting for Time
Flags into Battle
Images of War
Nineteen Sixty-Eight
Passing the Torch
Pawns of War
Rain of Fire
Raising the Stakes
Setting the Stage
South Vietnam on Trial
The Aftermath
The Army At War
The Fall of the South
The North
Thunder From Above
Tools of War
War in the Shadows
Words of War


Time-Life The Third Reich: Complete set is 21 volumes. Retail value $125.

Not as easy to find as some of the others, but just as well done. Arranged chronologically.

The Twisted Dream
Storming to Power
The New Order
The SS
The Center of the Web
Fists of Steel
The Reach for Empire
Lightning War
Wolf Packs
Conquest of the Balkans
The Southern Front
War on the High Seas
The Apparatus of Death
The Shadow War
The Heel of the Conqueror
The Road to Stalingrad
Scorched Earth
Fortress Europe
Descent into Nightmare


Time-Life Great Ages of Man: Complete set is 21 volumes. Retail value $50

This comes with a wall-chart. Listed alphabetically.

African Kingdoms
Age of Enlightenment
Age of Exploration
Age of Faith
Age of Kings
Age of Progress
Ancient America
Ancient China
Ancient Egypt
Barbarian Europe
Classical Greece
Cradle of Civilization
Early Islam
Early Japan
Historic India
Imperial Rome
Rise of Russia
The Reformation
Twentieth Century


Life Nature Library: Complete set is 25 volumes. Retail value $75

Listed in order.

[Section I: The world divided by major habitats:]
The Sea
The Forest
The Desert
The Mountains
The Poles
The Earth
The Universe

[Bridge volume:]

[Section II: The world divided again, this time by kinds of living things:]
The Insects
The Fishes
The Reptiles
The Birds
The Mammals
The Plants

[Bridge volume:]

[Section III: The world divided a third time, into its six major land units:]
The Land and Wildlife of Russia
The Land and Wildlife of Australia
The Land and Wildlife of South America
The Land and Wildlife of Africa
The Land and Wildlife of Tropical Asia
The Land and Wildlife of North America

[Bridge volume:]
Animal Behavior

[Section IV: two volumes on the physical and behavioral evolution of man:]
Early Man

Index: A Guide to the Natural World


American Wilderness: Complete set is 27 volumes. Retail value $75-100

Listed in alphabetical order.

The Ancient Adirondacks by Lincoln Kinnear Barnett
Atlantic beaches by Jonathan Norton Leonard
The Badlands by Champ Clark
Baja California by William Weber Johnson
Cactus country by Edward Abbey
Canyons and mesas by Jerome Doolittle
Caribbean isles by Peter Wood
The Cascades by Richard Lippincott Williams
Central American jungles by Don Moser
The Everglades by Archie Carr
The Grand Canyon by Robert Wallace
The Great Divide by Bryce S. Walker
Hawaii by Robert Wallace
The high Sierra by Ezra Bowen
New England wilds by Ogden Tanner
The North Woods by Percy Knauth
The Northeast coast by Maitland Armstrong Edey
The Northwest coast by Richard L. Williams
The Okefenokee Swamp by Franklin Russell
The Ozarks by Richard Rhodes
Sagebrush country by Donald Dale Jackson
The Sierra Madre by Donald Dale Jackson
The Snake River country by Don Moser
The Southern Appalachians by Jerome Doolittle
Time-Life American Wilderness: The Bayous by Peter S. Feibleman
Urban wilds by Ogden Tanner
Wild Alaska by Dale Brown

True Crime. Complete set has 9 volumes. Retail value $50-$65

Unsolved Crimes
Most Wanted
Mass Murderers
Compulsion to Kill
Death and Celebrity
Crimes of Passion
Serial Killers