Zane Grey Bibliography and Price Guide

This is a list of the complete set of Zane Grey books issued by Walter J. Black. This series will probably look familiar to most Zane Grey fans: red & tan cloth (red boards/tan spine), with red & blue & gilt painted on spine.

For ease of use, this list is arranged alphabetically.

The majority of these books are worth $5-$10 dollars, as noted below: $5 is a good deal, $10 is still a good deal if it’s in great shape and you’re having difficulties finding it. All prices below are “good deal” prices as of June, 2003.

Clicking on the title will pull up a list of copies for sale by booksellers from around the world. If you would like to browse our inventory of Zane Grey titles, please click here. Please note, however, that at this time, the vast majority of our Zane Greys are NOT listed. So, actually, you’re better off just sending us an email.

30,000 on the Hoof, $5-10
Arizona Ames, $5-10
The Arizona Clan, $5-10
Betty Zane, $5-10
Black Mesa, $5-10
Blue Feather, $15
The Border Legion, $5-10
Boulder Dam, $15
The Call of the Canyon, $5-10
The Camp Robber, $300 (this is the first edition of this novel.)
Captives of the Desert, $5-10
Code of the West, $5-10
The Day of the Beast, $35
The Deer Stalker, $5-10
Desert Gold, $5-10
The Desert of Wheat, $5-10
The Drift Fence, $5-10
The Dude Ranger, $5-10
Fighting Caravans, $5-10
Forlorn River, $5-10
The Fugitive Trail, $5-10
The Hash Knife Outfit, $5-10
The Heritage of the Desert, $5-10
Horse Heaven Hill, $15
Ken Ward in the Jungle, $30
Knights of the Range, $5-10
The Last of the Plainsmen, $5-10
The Last Trail, $5-10
The Light of Western Stars, $5-10
The Lone Star Ranger, $5-10
Lost Pueblo, $5-10
The Lost Wagon Train, $5-10
Majesty’s Rancho, $5-10
The Man of the Forest, $5-10
The Maverick Queen, $5-10
The Mysterious Rider, $5-10
Nevada, $5-10
Raiders of the Spanish Peaks, $5-10
The Rainbow Trail, $5-10
The Ranger and Other Stories, $5-10 (clicking this link will bring up two additional titles, so be sure you’re ordering the right one!)
The Redheaded Outfield and Other Baseball Stories, $35
The Reef Girl, $165
Riders of the Purple Sage, $5-10
Robber’s Roost, $5-10
Rogue River Feud, $5-10
Roping Lions in Grand Canyon, $30
Shadow on the Trail, $5-10
The Shepherd of Guadaloupe, $5-10
The Shortstop, $30
The Spirit of the Border, $5-10
Stairs of Sand, $5-10
Stranger from the Tonto, $5-10
Sunset Pass, $5-10
Tappan’s Burro and Other Stories, $5-10
Thunder Mountain, $5-10
The Thundering Herd, $5-10
To the Last Man, $5-10
The Trail Driver, $5-10
Twin Sombreros, $5-10
The U.P. Trail, $5-10
Under the Tonto Rim, $5-10
Valley of Wild Horses, $5-10
The Vanishing American, $5-10
Wanderer of the Wasteland, $5-10
West of the Pecos, $5-10
Western Union, $5-10
Wild Horse Mesa, $5-10
Wilderness Trek, $5-10
Wildfire, $5-10
The Wolf Tracker and Other Stories, $100
Wyoming, $5-10
The Young Forester, $30
The Young Lion Hunter, $30
The Young Pitcher, $40
Zane Grey: A Biography, $15 (by Frank Gruber)