Just finished my annual accounting, which is when I try to make all these numbers add up to zero, hahaha, seems kind of pointless in a way!

Anyway, I always look at things like “cost of goods” and “gross sales”, and try to do some budgeting for advertising, etc., for the upcoming year.

This year, though, two things which I don’t normally pay attention to really stood out.  First, for every $1.00 that I spend on wages, I’m sending another $0.25 to the IRS or Oregon Dept. Revenue.  Doesn’t a 25% tax seem excessive for us bookstore clerks?

Second, my utilities in Corvallis were almost exactly 50% higher than in Albany.  This is despite the fact that both stores use about the same amount of gas, electricity, and water.  In fact, I would imagine that the old heater in Albany burns up more gas than the modern furnace in Corvallis.  Anyway, I guess free buses are cool, but 50%?