Browsers’ Bookstore Newsletter for March 2014


It takes a while to work on big projects in 10-minute-a-day increments, but at last the new website is up and functional.  Visit and look around; any feedback is appreciated!

The search box is still at the top of all pages.  Just remember, we only catalog about 10-15% of what comes in, so browsing the shelves (with our help, if wanted) remains the best way to check for a book.  The search box is great for textbooks, though!

This website has a new structure, and all updates of any kind will appear as a blog entry.  From there, they will be sorted into different pages.  So, by checking this page:

You’ll see everything (I think).  Clicking on the different subjects in the left sidebar (showcase, signatures, videos, etc.) will get you posts just on those topics.

This is part of our continuing effort to communicate with customers when you’re not physically in the store.  So, if there is anything you think the website should have, please let me know!

Next month–I’m going to try to have a printable coupon from the website.  I wanted to do it this month, but couldn’t get it together, sorry…  Remember that whole 10-minutes-a-day thing?  🙂


As mentioned last newsletter, we bought a thousand train books.  Published in the 1800s-late 1990s, most are now on stacks or boxes in both stores, so look around….a few might be on shelves.  Also, a carload of art books came in to the Corvallis store.  Here are a few fun books from the new arrivals, my favorite is #5

1. WINTER’S TALE.  Mark Helprin.  HBJ, 1983, 1st edition. A fine copy in nearly fine DJ with small chip to top edge of rear panel.  This long beloved book was made into a move fully 30 years after publication, only to be dominated at the box office by ‘The Lego Movie’.  Just goes to show.  Anyway, movie or not, the book is wonderful, and this is indeed a nice copy.  DJ now protected by mylar. $300

2. MRS. MAYBRICK’S OWN STORY: MY FIFTEEN LOST YEARS. Florence Elizabeth Maybrick, 1905.  Sent to prison for poisoning her husband with arsenic, she was later released.  The book has some prison tales as well as a lot of information about arsenic poisoning in general and her case in particular.  Not interested yet?  Well, how about this–HER HUSBAND WAS JACK THE RIPPER!!!! That’s right, people!  In the 1990s, Maybrick’s confessional journal and his watch with victims’ initials scratched in the back were discovered, proving incontrovertibly that Maybrick was Jack the Ripper.  Okay, so maybe they were forgeries, but….MAYBE NOT!  Wouldn’t it be great justice for J the R to have been murdered by his own wife (even though she CLAIMED to be innocent.)  I don’t know….BOTH of them being “wrongly” accused of murder?  What are the odds…?!? First U.S. edition, $45

3. THE LITTLE PRINCE; DELUXE POP-UP BOOK. Antoine de Saint-Exupery.  What a great idea!  Contains the complete text.  Fine copy, $15.

4. PARATROOPER: WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE THIS RUGGED SOLDIER. Lt. Col. Francis X. Bradley and Lt. Col. H. Glen Wood. Stackpole, 1966.  A semi-propaganda piece, this large-format book contains several photos per page, as well as informative & patriotic text.  A few statistics, songs, etc.  Just in time for Vietnam.  Hardcover, some fading to spine, $20

5. DOMESTIC RABBIT COOK BOOK. American Rabbit Breeder’s Assoc., undated probably 1970s-80s.  Although not common, this might not normally be “newsletter worthy” except for one thing–the book has several little cartoons of rabbits cooking.  So…on the section header page for “Soups, Stews & Chowders” envision a rabbit happily tasting a stew.  On the “Pickled/Smoked/Cured” page, it’s a rabbit happily looking into a pressure cooker.  Are you grasping the sick humor here yet??  Most disturbing is the “Sausages & Hash” with our happy bunny grinding up meat–AND IT CAN ONLY BE RABBIT MEAT!!  THOSE ARE HIS BROTHERS & SISTERS IN THE MILL!  SOYLENT GREEN!!!!  $6.00

6. WAGON WHEELS [YEARBOOK FOR WESTERN VIEW JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL IN CORVALLIS, OREGON]. Two years, 1962-3 and 1961-2.  Lots of signatures, each one has previous owner’s student body card taped inside front cover.  $10 each.

7. THE INDIAN MASSACRE OF 1911 AT LITTLE HIGH ROCK CANYON, NEVADA. Effie Mona Mack.  “The chronicle of the last Indian battle fought in the United States.”  Finely printed on uncut laid paper, limited edition, signed by author. Near fine condition with minor marks to cover, $100.

8. CLINICAL EXPERIMENTS, HISTORIES, AND DISSECTIONS.  by Francis Home.  London: John Murray, 1782.  Real interesting stuff, when medicine was still very much a trial-and-error kind of science (of course, it may still be, but I am hopeful that there is at least a little understanding of the biochemistry behind it all.)  Home describes many cases and cures in detail: typhus, sciatica, vomiting, arthritis, glaucoma etc.  Most of the diseases are still with us but not all of the cures are: electricity, cortex peruvianus, rhododendron chrysanthemum (which apparently the Russians used for rheumatism), Sir Hans Sloane’s ointment (recipe given) for leukoma (cloudy cornea), etc.  The latter is interesting because other treatments for clearing up the cloudy cornea include: washing the eyes with with soap or mercury, rosemary vapors, putting powdered glass in the eye, etc.  Of the three, I’d go with rosemary vapor, hahaha!  Anyway, lots of good stuff.  Very good copy, issued in softcover, now bound in modern calf spine binding with original wrappers bound in.  $400

9. TIME LIFE WORLD WAR II SET: COMPLETE IN 39 VOLUMES.  One of their better series. $200

10. THE CERTAINTY OF A FUTURE LIFE IN MARS.  L. P. Gratacap.  Brentano’s 1903.  Spiritualist book in which a man received messages (via telegraph, it seems) from his deceased father, starting with “My son, I am indeed in the red orb of light we have so often looked up to when we were together on the earth, and about which our wondering minds hazarded so many fruitless guesses.”  John Carter, eat your heart out!  Includes a scientific essay “The Planet Mars” by Giovanni Schiaparelli who was the discoverer of the “canals” of Mars.  Early science fiction, and a cool time capsule from a different era.  Spine worn, good condition. $25.


Here’s our most recent one: the edges of books.  All the editing was done by my daughter–she rocks!

We are continuing to keep a small selection of new gluten-free and paleo diet cookbooks at 30% off, so check the rotating titles.  Also remember to check the next newsletter for a spring coupon! Thanks, & enjoy the browsing!

Scott Givens