A Lost Comic

Aridon the Ageless OneThis is a proposal for a comic strip. The best I can make out is that this is from the 1950s.
The basic premise is a mix of “Casca the Eternal Mercenary” with “Wonder Woman”, and in the format of “Prince Valiant.”

Our hero Aridon has received the gift of eternal life from his father the high priest of the continent of Mu (which is the scene this photo captures.)  When Mu is destroyed, he is the only survivor, and he spends the rest of his days participating in major events in history: he’s on the Mayflower, he’s with Julius Caesar, he’s fighting in the American Revolution, etc.

Unfortunately, the strip was never picked up as far as I can tell.  (I’ve been able to contact the daughter of the illustrator, and she hadn’t heard of it, either.)

Oh, yeah, when Aridon was thrown off the exploding Mu, he wound up on a little place now known as Easter Island.  Now you know where those big ol’ heads came from.