Newsletter for September 2015


Back to school…did you know that we offer steep discounts for orders of new books for classes? If you need multiple copies of a book, talk to Jannett or myself about ordering them and we can almost certainly save you some money.



We need a word with the following parameters:

a. As long as possible
b. Only one instance of each letter
c. As few letters as possible in common with “HP LOVECRAFT” and “LUMBERJACK”
d. We must be able to remember it for as many years as there are letters!

This is for our date code we use to keep track of paperbacks. Anyone up for the challenge?



VINTAGE FICTION IN DUST JACKET, a nice little collection has been added to the Corvallis store. If you never read novels from the first half of the 20th century, you’re really missing out on some fun fiction. Although we charge more for copies with the DJ, there are lots of good books for $1.50 to $4.50 without the jacket.

AsterixASTERIX IN LATIN. Yes, a couple of months ago we had the ancient Greek Harry Potter, but I just love these kinds of things. Here are four Asterix books translated to Latin, which I guess makes sense because it’s about the Gauls during the expansion of the Roman Empire. $6.00 each: Asterix Gallus, Asterix Gladiator, Iter Gallicum, Asterix apud Gothos. LATE EDIT–SOLD

BEN FRANKLIN’S PRIVATEERS. William Bell Clark, 1956. Forget George Washington’s spy ring, Franklin’s pirates are better! Map endpapers, indexed. Fine copy in VG jacket. $20

ANNE OF GREEN GABLES. When it rains it pours. The Corvallis store this month has acquired not just one, but three hardcover collections & one paperback collection of Anne (and Emily and Marigold and stand-alone novels and short story collections…) These things are generally pretty hard to find, so it stuns me that they all came at once! A variety of ages & publishers. Come see if we have “that one” to fill in your set! Total of around 40-50 books, most $2.00-$10.00 (the oldest ones are getting mylar sleeves on the jackets, but should be in within a few days…doubles will be taken over to Albany.)

Wizard of EarthseaA WIZARD OF EARTHSEA. Ursula K. Le Guin. 2nd printing, a very good copy in very good DJ. If you’re going to a Le Guin signing any time soon (such as at Powell’s on September 10th), this is the title you most want signed. Despite the fact that she signs quite a bit, the value for this particular title would about triple. In fact, you could sell it back to us the next day for a $50 profit!  $100






Roll on ColumbiaROLL ON COLUMBIA: THE COLUMBIA RIVER SONGS. Woody Guthrie, 1987. Published by the Department of Energy, Bonneville Power Authority–this has got to be the most interesting thing they ever did! Foreword by Alan Lomax, America’s folksong bibliographer, with notes by Pete Seeger. A nice piece of Oregana. $12.50




THE CHILD’S RIP VAN WINKLE. Washington Irving. Stokes, 1908. Gerry will make fun of me for this one, because I am known to be a sucker for Rip Van Winkle & Sleepy Hollow publications. Be that as it may, I would include this book anyway, not because of the content (though, of course Rip Van Winkle is the greatest fictional treatment of the Revolutionary War as well as an inseparable part of American folklore) but because of the previous owners. First, a bookplate of Francis Asbury Riddle, who was First Lieutenant of the U.S. Colored Troops. That’s interesting. Next, a lengthy inscription to Margaret Alice Tingle dated 1908 which appears to be a complete poem by Eugene Field. Sweet. Full color plates, adapted for younger readers. Light wear but clean. $20

ROBINSON JEFFERS. “Roan Stallion, Tamar, and Other Poems”, 2nd printing 1928 ($30), and “The Beginning and the End”, 5th printing 1963 ($10). One of his first books, and his last. Oddly enough, the previous owner didn’t have any of the books in between!

Fabre's Insects / DetmoldFABRE’S BOOK OF INSECTS. Illustrated by E. J. Detmold. Tudor, 1935. I love this book. Some foxing to the 12 tipped-in color plates, but still VG. $25









Plain people fictionPATCHWORK: A STORY OF “THE PLAIN PEOPLE”. Anna Balmer Myers. A.L. Burt, ca 1924. “Amish fiction” is the hottest genre within the Christian Fiction section. Although it’s a relatively new genre (ironically, it arose at about the same time as paranormal romance, showing both ends of the spectrum which makes working in a bookstore so fun), here’s a predecessor from almost a century ago. Myers grew up in Lancaster County. Nice condition, includes the uncommon dustjacket which appeals to readers of the more common “Tillie, the Mennonite Maid.” $45




That’s all for this month. Stay tuned next month for news about this big sale!

Scott Givens
Browsers’ Bookstore