Newsletter for October 2015


It seems inconceivable, I know, but Browsers’ Bookstore currently has almost too much inventory. This spring-summer-fall has been particularly successful for us in acquiring books. That’s generally a good thing; however, such a big influx is hard to absorb when the shelves are already bursting.

In addition to the above fact is the cry of despair I hear from a few people every year when the date for our anniversary sale is set: “Oh, no, I’m [out of town]/[working]/[sick] that weekend!”

With these two mini-problems in mind, we are going to do something we’ve never done before, which is to have a mini-sale a whole month before the big one.

This sale will be 20% off all books, music, & movies in the store. Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 17th!

(Yes, we will still be having our anniversary sale in November.)


I hardly need to note that we are still buying books like crazy, no matter what state the store is in.

1. COMPLETE CALVIN & HOBBES.  The spot I keep these oversized & over-heavy cartoon books only holds one copy at a time. Last month, we sold our Complete Far Side, so I am hoping to sell this before I find another mammoth cartoon book! $75

Petrus Alamire2. THE TREASURY OF PETRUS ALAMIRE: MUSIC & ART IN FLEMISH COURT MANUSCRIPTS 1500-1535. Petrus Alamire was a music scribe whose workshop remains have become the “largest set of northern Renaissance sources extant.” There aren’t many commercial scribes anymore (except the guys who I’m told are in northern Africa and who make fake ancient illuminated manuscripts that are sold on eBay). Anyways, this is a beautifully illustrated & well-document book on the subject. Hardcover, oversize; looks great on coffee tables. $25


Fakes3. FAKE? THE ART OF DECEPTION. Mark Jones, 1990. Hey, wasn’t I just talking about fakes? This is a great concept: an art book of forgeries, fake antiques, archaeological phonies, and the like. Profusely illustrated…..but it’s all fake. Hardcover, also coffee-table book size, $12






Night Probe4. NIGHT PROBE! Clive Cussler. 1st edition, very good with only modest wear, $35









POW5. PRISONER OF WAR; WORLD WAR II. Hugh H. Myers. Metropolitan Press, 1965. The strangest thing about this book are the photos of the author visiting the Suzuki plant in 1955 and smiling while talking with his former captors, having a grand old time. Myers lived in Philomath, Oregon at time of publication. $15






Japan6. JAPAN AS IT WAS AND IS: A HANDBOOK OF OLD JAPAN. Ernest W. Clement, 1906. Hardcover, decorated cloth. Two-volume revision of the classic work, done in 1856, with additions & corrections. Photo plates, fold-out map, overall fine condition. $100





7a. THE OYSTERS OF LOCMARIAQUER. Eleanor Clark. This won the National Book Award of 1964. “It is a vivid, objective account of how these oysters are cultivated and at the same time an excursion into the mysteries of the zoological story, into the historical background, and into the myths and legends of Brittany.” Never heard of it! Where do I shelve it?  Trade paperback, $3.00

7b. DALE LOVES SOPHIE TO DEATH. Robb Forman Drew, 1982. Okay, I originally had this novel on the list because there’s a big “Winner of the American Book Award” sticker on the front cover, and this was another forgotten prize-winner. However, what’s even weirder is that the author of OYSTERS OF LOCMARIAQUER was the wife of Robert Penn Warren….and the author of DALE LOVES SOPHIE was the goddaughter of Warren! What are the odds! (Note: ironically, the sticker is totally wrong: this won the NATIONAL Book Award–for best debut novel–not the American Book Award! Maybe they had extra stickers left over from the American awards, hahaha!)  $3.50

Home Play8. HOME PLAY IN WARTIME: STAY AT HOME RECREATION ON A WAR BOND BUDGET. National Recreation Association, 1942. Games, cooking, activities, bibliography. This is a pamphlet which, although the dad is present in many of the line drawings, you’ve got to figure that this is geared toward single moms whose husband is at war. Rare. Cheap. $1.00




Roots cookbook9. ROOTS: THE DEFINITIVE COMPENDIUM. Diane Morgan, 2012. I can personally vouch for this book. The only time I use the internet to find a recipe is when I have bought some weird vegetable on a whim (which I do frequently, much to my wife’s despair), and then need to find out how to cook it. The problem I have found is that since online recipes aren’t vetted the way a published recipe would be, you can wind up with some really nasty results. This cookbook, however, answers the question for 28 kinds of roots, giving 5-10 recipes for each. I’ve tried a few, they’ve all been great; even my kids would eat them. On top of all that, it’s a beautiful book. Hardcover, fine condition. $15

10. Hey, did you know that this month is Halloween? Once again, my youngest daughter Annie is my costume consultant, so if you want to see a grown man make a fool of himself, stop by the Corvallis store for trick-or-treat candy. Books to get you in the haunting mood:

C: COVERED BRIDGE GHOST STORIES. Karyn Zweifel, 1995. Covers the nation, but includes “The Ghost of Yankee Creek” from Medford, Oregon. $6.50



Thanks to the many people who made suggestions for our date code. I was very much impressed with the amount of effort some of you put into it. The longest word that best fit the bill was “swingy”, thanks, Marilyn!


I hope you can stop by on October 17th for our 20% off sale. I’m going to try making a Facebook “event” about it….I don’t think that translates into a bunch of spam, but if it does annoy you, please let me know!

Enjoy the browsing,

Scott Givens
Browsers’ Bookstore
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