Newsletter for November 2015 (14th Anniversary Sale)


Thanks to everyone who came in last month for our mini-sale! We moved a lot of books, and should have slightly clearer aisles come holiday season.

This month is our big 14th Anniversary Sale! Write this on your calendar right now —> Saturday, November 14th. Everything in both stores will be 30% off! (Out-of-towners: simply call or email an order and mention this newsletter.)




B.C. Folk1. GEMALDE DER VORZEIT. EINE GALERIE DER VOLKER VOR CHRISTI GEBURT. (Paintings of Prehistoric Times.) Book 1. Nurnberg, Art & Commissions Bureau, 1814. Beautifully hand-colored plates of Egyptians, Persians, Hebrews, Europeans. If you’re reading the text-only (email) version of this newsletter, you might want to follow the link at the top of the email to see a picture of this one. Check out those horses! $200




2. SONG OF FIRE & ICE. George R.R. Martin. This is a cool-looking set of five volumes, bound in “leather-cloth” (which I think means bonded leather), in a slipcase. They are pocket-book sized. These are new copies, still in shrinkwrap, and they are 25% off (well, 30% off on sale day). This is a perfect Christmas gift, for those of you who like to plan ahead!  Store credit is always good on new books! $56.25

The Handmaid's Tale3. THE HANDMAID’S TALE. Margaret Atwood. Houghton Mifflin, 1986. First U.S. edition. I know, it seems incredible, but this is another good Christmas gift. Almost like I’m trying to sell you something, hmmm….  This copy, however, is super cool because it includes two old b/w postcards from the Deutsches Frauenwerk with the previous owner’s note “This is a home for Unwed Mothers. The women were selected for their Aryan characteristics to be bred with troops from the SS to produce the Master Race.” $30



Toadstools4. TOADS AND TOADSTOOLS: THE NATURAL HISTORY, FOLKLORE, AND CULTURAL ODDITIES OF A STRANGE ASSOCIATION. Adrian Morgan. Okay…this might be too weird for Christmas! A strange mix of mythology, science, and coffee table book. I’m not sure what to make of this one, however, I did learn that the toad-fungus link is not just some Americanism: “this decidedly odd coupling appears all over the world, on every continent save Antarctica, and in a bewildering number of cultures across a staggering span of time.” $12.50

5. THE HOME DISTILLER’S HANDBOOK: MAKE YOUR OWN WHISKEY & BOURBON BLENDS, INFUSED SPIRITS & CORDIALS. Matthew Teacher, 2011. Just in case you need a little something to get through all those holiday gatherings! $7.50

6. JAPANESE DEATH POEMS: WRITTEN BY ZEN MONKS AND HAIKU POETS ON THE VERGE OF DEATH. Edited by Yoel Hoffman, 1998. Poignant, sad, strange, bewildered and at least one bitter one:

My hour draws near and I am still alive.
Drawn by the chains of death
I take my leave.
The King of Hades has decreed
Tomorrow I shall be his slave.

Yikes!  $8.50

stack of books on floor7. ENGINEERING, MATH, SCIENCE. A fairly large assortment of books from a former civil engineer. Most from the 1930s-70s. Most of these are priced $2-10, a few higher priced gems in there, but a lot of these are just good cheap reference material. Some have been shelved, others are in stacks. The Corvallis store got the lion’s share.





8. MARY OLIVER. Stack of her poetry, in the Albany store. Trade paperbacks, half cover price.


14 YEARS!!

In some ways–maybe a lot of ways–I’m like a little kid (as long as you ignore my receding hairline.) Here’s why–so many people give me little “gold stars.” Seriously, hardly a day goes by when a new customer doesn’t make a positive comment on the insanity known as Browsers’ Bookstore. Of course, we get our fair share of sniffs and head shakes, but the majority of tourists wish they had a Browsersish shop in their hometown.

I know we’re kind of a dinosaur with our handwritten inventory, index-card accounting, and understaffed counters. But the whole “browsing” part of our name is also part of our mission: asking people to take a little time and look around.

For fourteen years, customers like you have been doing just that, and everyone here at Browsers’ appreciates it. Our anniversary sale is not really about us, but about saying a big “thank you” to everyone who has supported us! Whether you come in on the 14th or not, though, thanks for your time over the years. We are looking forward to the next fourteen!

Scott Givens

Browsers’ Bookstore


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