Newsletter for December 2015


Albany has pretty much finished its rearranging. The big difference is that we’re trying to be “more like Corvallis”, by which I mean that the former “Americana nonfiction” section is now Western Americana. The dividing line is pretty much the Rocky Mountains, with everything east of the Rockies mixed in with the US History section. It’s still not quite the Corvallis store’s dedicated PNW section, but close!

The big news, however, is that Corvallis is trying to be “more like Albany,” by which I mean that we have finally pulled the trigger on getting rid of the computer database, and moving to a card system for trade accounts. Believe it or not, the card catalog has proven to be a more accurate system overall.



Christmas is often a time of going off of lists…feel free to email or call us if you need specific titles, and remember you can use the link on our website to order new books, movies & music. If you aren’t sure what to get someone, though, Browsers’ is a great place to poke around…if you have the time!


dickens1. DICKENS’ WORKS. 15 volumes. Bound in leather & marbled boards, plate illustrations. Circa 1900 printing. I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but these have been in a box in front of the Dungeons & Dragons books for a number of months, if not years, and I’m not entirely sure where they came from. However, it is a beautiful set, and can be seen in THAT Room in the Corvallis store. $850, but if you mention this newsletter I’ll take off $100 from the price!

Hubner2. A RAMBLE ROUND THE WORLD. M. Le Baron de Hubner. London, 1878.  Arriving at New York, our author travels on land across the US, including a stop at Yosemite (where we find this great line: “Great God! Can it be a bear? My only weapon is a parasol.”) Leaving San Francisco, he travels extensively throughout Asia, which comprises the bulk of the book. Black & white plates, green cloth boards, owner’s bookplate to front cover. “Xmas 1879” inscription on half-title page. $60


India3. INDIAN FOOD: A HISTORICAL COMPANION. K.T. Achaya. Delhi: Oxford, 1994. What this is not: a cookbook. However, it is everything else you need to know about Indian food: history, anthropology, a little chemistry, pictures, glossary, maps, you name it. Hardcover, VG/VG $25






4. NOT REALLY A SECTION. We purchased quite a few books on Celtic history, legends, lore, modern metaphysical interpretations, artwork, etc. Right now, they are in a fake “section”, which means they’re in a couple of stacks by the register in Corvallis, although the Albany store has most of theirs in the British Isles section. We’re not sure if we should make a Celtic section or just file them in the appropriate scattered sections: history, crafts, metaphysics, mythology, etc.


wilde5. THE HAPPY PRINCE AND OTHER TALES. Oscar Wilde; illustrated by Walter Crane and Jacomb Hood. London: David Nutt, 1902. Third edition, in illustrated card covers simulating vellum. Spine repaired & re-lettered, making this a very solid copy with bright, clean pages. Withdrawn from a Jesuit Library, not sure what they were doing with Oscar Wilde of all people, but anyway, only a few markings. Large plate illustrations by Walter Crane, with smaller vignettes by Hood. $150


sheriff6. A HISTORY OF THE OREGON SHERIFFS. Hardcover, leather, in slipcase, signed by author Linda McCarthy, both editors Judith Gage & Bill Hawley, and every Oregon county sheriff at time of publication. My plan for this book is to kind of leave it casually lying around my car just in case I get pulled over…surely, they’d notice that big shiny star on the front cover! “Sorry, officer, I was just sooo engrossed in this book I guess I missed that stoplight!” Fine condition, $40



joseph heller7. CATCH-22. Joseph Heller. Franklin Library, 1978. Signed limited edition in full blue leather with a new “special message” (foreword) by Heller. Illustrated with black & white plates by Robert Andrew Parker; chapter headings printed in blue ink. Nice tight binding, all gilt very bright. A few small nicks to gilt edges. Pages 140-1 have a small blemish to margin. This book made many of the “100 best books of the century” lists a few years back, and is difficult to find signed. Overall near fine, $175


flyingfish8. THE AMAZING WORLD OF FLYINGFISH. Steve N.G. Howell. Did you know flying fish (which apparently should be one word) can do 50-ft loops in the air? Crazy! A neat little book with beautiful photos of these guys. Probably meant for a grade 5-7 audience, but I still had fun reading it. Fine condition, hardcover, $6.50


iwo jima9. IWO JIMA. Richard F. Newcomb. Houghton, 1965. The classic account of this battle, still in print after 40 years. This is the first edition in original dust jacket. If you are just reading the email instead of the website, I would encourage you to look at the picture on our site. $15







10. ANGLO-SAXON WEAPONS & WARFARE. Richard Underwood, 2006. Covers construction & use of spear, sword, axe, bow, javelin, fransisca (?), shield, helmet, mail. This does not provide step-by-step instructions on how to make these, but rather gives details on how they were made. Illustrated with photos & drawings. Trade paperback, $20



I almost forgot to give you all the crass promotion you expect from a December newsletter. Let’s see…GIFT CERTIFICATES available at both stores. And, uh… a few more free calendars are left.

Okay, that’s enough of that. I hope your holidays are fun and warm!

Scott Givens

Browsers’ Bookstore
Corvallis & Albany, Oregon

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