Notes on Bookstore Ghost

With my possible third sighting, I think it is time to start documenting this. It is important to note beforehand that I have not had similar experiences before working at the Albany bookstore, nor have I had these sorts of experiences at any other location.

When I purchased the Albany store in 2006, I was told by the previous owner that his wife had seen a ghost. Being of a generally skeptical nature, I didn’t take this too seriously, and I was more concerned about making an equitable deal, so the details are a little fuzzy, but I believe she saw it at least twice, and that it was a male apparition. I cannot remember if the previous owner himself saw it.

The first time I saw it was one or two years after we purchased the store. It was in the A-D Suspense paperback corner, moving toward the L-P Suspense corner. The store was closed at the time and there was no way it was a person, especially because I immediately went after it to see what it was. My glimpse was fleeting, but it was human-sized and -shaped, moving quickly. I had come away from the counter and was just able to see the A-D corner of Suspense, from which space the apparition was moving. No further sighting.

The second time I saw something was in spring of 2015. This was in the basement. I am not as convinced this was a sighting, because it might have just been something else–perhaps a fly, although there are generally no flies down in the basement. At any rate, I was entering books, and saw movement out of the corner of my left eye. That is all; no sense of size, shape, color. This was during working hours in the afternoon, and I made sure it was not a customer or employee. I unsuccessfully looked and listened for flies or anything else, but the basement is a dead zone.

My third incident was July 18, 2015. I had closed the store. The lights were still on, and I was taking stuff out to my car. As I walked by the A-D Suspense section to the stairs, I saw in my peripheral vision a bright blue shape near Odie’s black chair in the L-P Suspense corner; it seemed to be moving diagonally downward, as if bending over. My forward momentum carried me past the A case, but I immediately backed up and looked around the case toward Odie’s chair. Nothing was there, and an examination the books behind it revealed no noticeable blue spines or other blue items. A search of the area confirmed no one was in the store.

Happening number four: February 15, 2016. This time I was in the basement before the store opened and before any employees were due to arrive. I was standing quietly below the wall that separates the Military Room from the overstock mysteries. I distinctly heard about a half dozen footsteps above me, headed toward the rear of the store. I thought I had forgotten to lock the door, and that the coffee girl had come in to use the restroom. However, I deemed it worth checking, and immediately went upstairs. The lights were off, the door was closed, and no one was in the building. There is no way a person could have silently left the building and closed the door before I got up there. One other odd thing to mention: when I heard the footsteps, I was overcome with an intense feeling of dread. I used to hear about people who have these reactions, and always dismissed them as foolishness. However, now that I have been in that position, I understand that an emotional response is, in fact, empirical data to take into consideration. I’m not sure what it means, but it was definite, and I am not at all prone to reactions like that.

UPDATE 3/16: When we posted this on Facebook, we got a huge response, including this message from the original owner of the bookstore:

” Clive ” is the young MAN in the section in front of the window. I was the first who saw him, as did others later. He appeared to me in solid form. however. He is not the one who centers in what was once the adventure section. That one doesn’t like change or being made fun of, by the evidence of throwing books on the floor . He or she is quite the critic. And then, there is the basement.
The building was smudged on several occasions, Blessed , and by other means, cleaned. .., All I will suggest is if you ” Ghost Hunt “… Do it with caution.

We also got two offers to have a ghost hunt! If that comes through, we’ll post something on here or Facebook with the results.