Newsletter for July 2016


We are waiting to find out exactly how much the fire marshal wants us to clean the Corvallis store. Frowny face.



Despite the CFD & those aisles, we’re still buying books!

Fannie Farmer1. FOOD AND COOKERY FOR THE SICK AND CONVALESCENT. Fannie Farmer. Little, Brown & Co., 1913. Fannie Farmer is best known for her eponymous cookbook, but this is an interesting mix of health & cooking. Includes a separate recipe section for diabetes, but you might want to skip the “Tomato Jelly Salad with Vegetables.” Very nice in decorated boards. $25


2. THOUGHTS IN MY GARDEN. Mary Ware. Crosby & Nichols, 1863. Not what it seems. This is almost an etiquette book, or at least a “character development” book. Gardening & nature are used as object lessons on personal growth, Christian spirituality, and a dash of philosophy. Interesting in that a book published during the Civil War does not dwell on grief & mourning. Original pebbled cloth, first signature sprung but attached, else VG. $25

simak city3. CITY. Clifford Simak. Gnome Press, 1st edition. Acclaimed as brilliant at the time, and reprinted many times over the last six decades, CITY was introduced recently to a younger generation by none other than popular French author Michel Houellebecq, who, in a 2010 interview with the Paris Review, was asked about who some of his influences were, and he replied, “I read a lot of science fiction. H. P. Lovecraft and Clifford Simak. City is a masterpiece.” VG/VG, small chip to top edge of front DJ panel. $250


heinlein beyond this horizon4. BEYOND THIS HORIZON. Robert Heinlein. Fantasy Press, 1948. Very good in good only DJ (see picture). Some soiling to page edges, but still an early book by one of sci-fi’s biggest names. $35







sayers nine tailors5. THE NINE TAYLORS. Dorothy Sayers. Gollancz, 1949. 19th impression, “cheap edition” (alas, no more–the cheap editions are now paperbacks; 67 years later, this hardcover will now set you back a few.) I like the fact that the cover says that this is one of Sayers’ favorite Lord Peter novels. Toning of cheap paper, else very good in VG jacket. $35




6. MYCELIUM RUNNING: HOW MUSHROOMS CAN HELP SAVE THE WORLD. Paul Stamets, 2005. Mushrooms can detoxify the environment, reduce silt in streambeds, control insects, cure cancer, and all sorts of other good stuff. Who knew? Oversize trade paperback $17.50

7. OLYMPIA: GODS, ARTISTS, AND ATHLETES. Ludwig Drees. Praeger, 1968. In a few weeks, for the first time in my poor pathetic underprivileged daughters’ lives, we are going to get cable TV. Just for a month, so that we can watch the Olympic Games…after that, it’s back to the Dark Ages for them! Bwaa ha haa!!! Anyway, here’s a good book to read during commercial breaks: history, mythology, and art surrounding the city and the games. Hardcover, VG/VG $15

8. WITH PRIDE IN HERITAGE: HISTORY OF JEFFERSON COUNTY. 1966. That’s Jefferson County, Washington (Port Townsend), not Oregon. Hardcover, VG/VG, $12.50

Wild Beasts of India9. THIRTEEN YEARS AMONG THE WILD BEASTS OF INDIA. G.P. Sanderson, 1879, 2nd edition. Beautiful decorated binding, very good condition. Engraved plate illustrations. (If you are reading the text-only version of this newsletter, you might want to check out the awesome cover of this book: ) $125




10. THE GUINNESS BOOK OF SUPERLATIVES. 1st edition, 1956. The original book of world records. You can imagine that everyone who works at Browsers’ has different strengths, which makes for a well-rounded team. Gerry is generally known for having an encyclopedic knowledge of literature. Although I knew that his mental capacities extended beyond the world of books, I was absolutely stunned when he correctly answered (on the first try) these two world records:

The record which has sold the most copies (White Christmas)
Longest running Broadway musical (Oklahoma!)

Endpapers list all the countries in which Guinness Stout is sold. Very good in very good jacket, $10

11. FREE COUNTRY: A TALE OF CHILDREN’S CRUSADE. Neil Gaiman et al. Vertigo Comics, 1st printing. Fine in fine jacket. $12. Also:
SANDMAN: OVERTURE: THE DELUXE EDITION. Neil Gaiman et al. Vertigo, 2015, presumed first edition, fine/fine. $12


I hope you all are having a wonderful summer!

Enjoy the browsing,

Scott Givens