Newsletter for August 2016


Be sure to pick some blackberries when you’re shopping at the Albany store! The gardeners hacked back a bunch of the creepers, so even through the fence, there’s some juicy berries on the side of the parking lot!

Nothing quite like that in the Corvallis store, I’m afraid, but at least we’re walking distance from one of the best Farmer’s Markets in the PNW!



HENRI BERGSON. The Corvallis store’s Philosophy section has had a few books come in by or about this French author, including his book LAUGHTER, and an anti-Bergson book MODERN SCIENCE AND THE ILLUSIONS OF PROFESSOR BERGSON, both printed in 1912.

POETICAL WORKS OF LORD BYRON. Philadelphia, 1855. Contemporary calf, rebacked. This book has gorgeous marbled endpapers, $50: see this photo —

ON FENCING. Aldo Nadi. Modern reprint of the classic published in the 1940s. $10

FOXFIRE BOOK HARDCOVERS. About a dozen, all in mylar, very nice conditions. Prices vary a little bit, roughly around $15 each. [On the floor in the Albany store.]

THE ART OF MAKING PRIMITIVE BOWS AND ARROWS. D.C. Waldorf, 1985. This guy actually starts with a log, a wedge, and a sledgehammer! $10

PRIMITIVE TECHNOLOGY: PRACTICAL GUIDELINES FOR MAKING STONE TOOLS, POTTERY, BASKETRY, ETC. THE ABORIGINAL WAY. What did cavemen do before they had books like this?? Errett Callahan, 1991. $8.00

LEATHER-BOUND SCIENCE FICTION MASTERPIECES. Easton Press, a few signed. We’ve purchased two collection of this Easton Press series. Some of these are still in boxes, but the Corvallis store has a shelf or two in front, and the Albany store has some scattered around. If you are looking for any titles in particular, please let us know. Most $20-$45

HARRY POTTER #8 WHICH EVERYONE TELLS ME IS NOT #8.  We have new copies in stock, 10% off. A good way to use up excess store credit.

BEAT LIT. The Corvallis store has received enough of an influx of Beat lit that we temporarily have a section for Ginsberg, Kerouac, Kesey, Bukowski, Burroughs, etc. Small case in the Fiction section below the whiteboard. Most $4 – $20.

TAROT CARDS. Big ol’ box of tarot decks. A few on the front counter, most behind the counter. At Corvallis. Most $15-$25


Sorry for the brief newsletter this month, but I’m looking around the desk here, and there are tons of books that need pricing…I’d better get back to work!

Enjoy the browsing,

Scott Givens