Browsers’ Bookstore Newsletter for November 2016


Thank you all for yet another wonderful anniversary sale. The two-day event seemed to work well, and I might just be inspired to do it again next year. On the first day of the sale, the Corvallis store sold exactly one more book than the Albany store. Isn’t that weird?

Although business is good, I am always looking at the latest “thing” to help ensure Browsers’ success. A couple of months ago, I mentioned that we are now on Instagram, and this month we’re happy to announce our new Etsy store. I really like the way stuff looks on Etsy. Although it may not be quite as fun as coming in to the store to browse, this is still a neat way to look at some types of books that you may not notice in the store, and is a good way to browse if you can’t make it to the shop. Check it out, and if you’re on Etsy already, please mark our shop as a favorite!



I guess with all this empty space from the anniversary sale, we’ve been extra busy buying books! Here’s a glimpse of incoming material. Some of the items detailed are considerably more than our average price–don’t be scared away, we still have tons of inexpensive books on the shelves. And floor.

1. A SUPPOSEDLY FUN THING I’LL NEVER DO AGAIN. David Foster Wallace. First edition, sunning to spine, minor soiling to page edges, VG/VG. $40

Next, some collections:

2. CHESS BOOKS. About 40 books (Corvallis). Most $2-$10

3. FRANKLIN LIBRARY. About 200 books (both stores, in process). Most $20-$35

4. NEW AGE, EASTERN RELIGION, AND THE MYSTERIOUS WORLD. About 9 boxes (both stores, in process). Most $2-$8

Next, some signatures of note:

neil-armstrong5. NEIL ARMSTRONG. A copy of the book “For All Mankind” by Harry Hurt. Inscribed by Armstrong. Uncommon thus. $1500
6. JOHN GLENN. Official 8″ x 10″ photo, signed. $150
7. MARGUERITE OSWALD (Lee Harvey Oswald’s mother.) Typed 1-page manuscript titled “1963” which compares the Watergate conspiracy to the Warren Commission condemnation without trial of her son. “Those who have a deep sense of patriotism and loyalty are most likely to twist events to accomplish their purposes.” Not dated or addressed, so this must be something she sent out to some sort of mailing list, though I can find no other copies of it. Folded in thirds. Signed in ball-point pen. $550
8. CHARLES SCHULTZ. Flat-signed books. Oops, I can’t find the books right now, but I bought two of them. They are around here somewhere, let me know if you are interested and I’ll motivate myself to dig through some piles. $250 each

And, some Oregon ephemera:

10. HOP-PICKING PHOTO: see it here: . Late edit–SOLD

11. ARCHIVE OF OLD LETTERS &c FROM CORVALLIS. Items dated 1866-1905, with most being in the 1870s and ’80s. A few personal letters, several about the estate of John Keyes (executor being David L. Keyes, to whom I ascribe this archive), four receipts and bills. Total of 14 items. No groundbreaking history being discovered here, but nevertheless original Oregon manuscripts material this early are getting harder to find. $325 [Late edit: I was just contacted by the person who dug these up, and it is possible that I will have further documents related to these. If so, they will go together with an adjustment in price.]



That statement may be hard to believe–especially during election season, hahaha! However, here’s a big shout-out to the Corvallis Fire Department who appreciated our efforts to meet fire code, and who gave us an official pass on the inspection. Phew! A couple of cords need to be replaced, and Gerry can’t hold anymore bonfire parties in the back room, but otherwise, we’re good for another year!

Speaking of government–don’t forget to vote. As a bookstore owner, I am a huge proponent of free speech, and the right to vote is in some ways the ultimate expression. Besides, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain (or say told-you-so) later on.

Thanksgiving is coming up fast, and the crazy holiday season begins. As always, we are thankful for you, our wonderful customers who put up with, and sometimes even enjoy, our quiet insanity. We will be closed on Thanksgiving Thursday, and back to regular hours Friday & Saturday.

Enjoy the browsing,

Scott Givens