Newsletter for December 2016


Let the frantic holiday shopping begin. Please remember that we are happy to special order any books off of wish-lists, but that it can take time for books to arrive. If possible, please get your orders in by the middle of the month.



A few customers were in the Corvallis store when the WAHS Band blasted our eardrums with the OSU fight song for Civil War. In case you missed it, here’s a link to the video:

Beaver fight song courtesy West Albany High School band! #gobeavs #wahs #fundraiser #loudestbookstore

Posted by Browsers' Bookstore on Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Some of these kids are going to Europe next summer to be “Oregon ambassadors of music.” We’re going to throw our support into it by donating 50% of all sales at our Albany store toward the cause on Saturday December 17th. This would be a good day for you to do a little Christmas shopping! Tell your friends to come and support these young musicians.



JUSTIN MORGAN HAD A HORSE. Marguerite Henry; illustrated by Wesley Dennis. Early copy in dust jacket which is now in mylar sleeve. Very good condition overall, $30

RALPH IN THE SWITCH TOWER. Allen Chapman. This “Ralph of the Railroad” series is the first produced by the famous Stratemeyer Syndicate–that group of writers who created the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Bobbsey Twins, Tom Swift, and so on. Cover design by the Decorative Designers. $15. This photo is of a different book in the series, but they all have the same cool locomotive:¬†

young-aeroplaneOUR YOUNG AEROPLANE SCOUTS IN GERMANY. Horace Porter. A.L. Burt, 1915. Very nice & clean copy with flying machine-gun cover. $12










boy-alliesTHE BOY ALLIES WITH THE TERROR OF THE SEAS. Ensign Robert L. Drake. A.L. Burt, 1915. This and the previous two books were part of a larger collection of vintage boys’ series that were in nice condition. Most are in the Albany store. This one has a great cover showing a submarine torpedoing a ship. $15









So, before the Stratemeyer Syndicate took over the world, youth series books were generally relegated to the dime novel format. One of the most famous of these series was Frank Reade, Jr. This next book is hard to explain: FRANK READE: ADVENTURES IN THE AGE OF INVENTION. Paul Guinan & Anina Bennett, 2012. What these authors do is start with the premise that Frank Reade and Frank Reade, Jr. were real people. They then use the endless dime novel series as source material for their real interactions with history, technological progress, and famous people. Lavishly illustrated with cover art from the original books, this is a fake history of a fake family, but it all pretends to be real. Weird but fun for the right person. Hardcover, fine condition. $10.

BUTCHERING: THE COMPREHENSIVE PHOTOGRAPHIC GUIDE TO HUMANE SLAUGHTERING AND BUTCHERING. Adam Danforth. 2014. Detailed color photos on how to kill, clean, and cut up your meat. This will either make make you more effective on the homestead, or turn you into a vegetarian. $12.50

jane-austen-complete-novels-setJANE AUSTEN COMPLETE NOVELS.  $75 See this page for more photos & description:







declaration-of-independenceDECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE within 1796 edition of THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, VOL. II. Also includes such things as laws passed at the first session of the Second Congress, treaties with various Native American nations, etc. Any American imprint before 1800 is valuable, especially these early printings of the single most important US document. Full leather. Binding copy with smoke damage to spine, both boards nearly detached. $200







THE ENCHANTED LAKE: MOUNT MAZAMA AND CRATER LAKE IN STORY, HISTORY AND LEGEND. Stanton Lapham. J.K. Gill/Statesman Publishing, 1931. Very good condition in the uncommon dust jacket. $25

THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK IN LATIN ELEGIACS. Lewis Carroll, translated by H.D. Watson. Oxford, 1936. Can you believe this is actually the second translation of “The Hunting of the Snark” into Latin? For the Carroll completist. Very good first edition, no jacket. $45


The strength of Browsers’ Bookstore is…well, browsing. If you have time to poke around, we’ve got lots of great stuff to find. At this time of year, I know you have less time, so please ask us for help in finding the sections, authors, or titles that you’re looking for.

Please remember to come to the Albany store on December 17th for our fundraiser!

I hope you all have a great holiday with your friends and family,

Scott Givens