Goodbye, Joan Wolf

Romance author Joan Wolf has apparently decided to publish her books in ebook format only, from 2014 on. She has written dozens of historical romances over several decades, but is now abandoning the book format and self-publishing electronic files that can only be sold on a handful of websites, instead of in thousands of bookstores.

Guess what, Ms. Wolf? You abandon us, we abandon you. Your books are no longer being stocked in our store.

You want your books to be only available online? You don’t want human booksellers to put a copy of your book in a customer’s hand and say, “You’ve got to read this”? Are you trying to punish your fans, so that they can’t get any trade-in credit once they’ve finished the book? Or, are you just a fan of massive corporate online retailers in general and don’t support small or locally-owned businesses?

Whatever the reason, I guess it ultimately doesn’t matter. I reclaimed another foot or two of shelf space (always a good thing), and frankly, in the six months that your books have been off our shelves, we haven’t lost a single sale–there’s plenty of other authors to recommend.