Newsletter for June 2017 and 25% off SALE


Well, it’s taken fifteen years, but I finally admit that we might have a few too many books. I’ve been driving all over the place buying books, and I barely even have floor space for more boxes. Time for a sale–

This Saturday, June 3rd, everything in the stores will be 25% off!

This is a last-minute late-notice sale, so if you can help us out by telling your friends, we’d appreciate it!

Some of the books you’ve seen in these newsletters, or on Facebook & Instagram have been packed up for the Rose City Book & Paper Fair in a couple of weeks, and won’t be available for the sale. However, we have roughly 150,000 – 200,000 other books for your browsing pleasure to choose from, so I don’t think you’ll have a problem finding good books! 🙂

This is going to be the biggest Rose City book fair ever. I’ve sent you the link to the page before, but here’s their Facebook page with photos from dealers other than Browsers’ (though of course you’ll want to stop by our booth first!)



A few random samplings:

THE SCALLOP: STUDIES OF A SHELL AND ITS INFLUENCES ON HUMANKIND. Edited by Ian Cox, 1957. This will go in our stuffology section of the Corvallis store, but just look at this cool cover design! $10










UNCLE SAM NEEDS A WIFE. Ida Clyde Clarke, 1925. Published five years after the women’s suffrage movement culminated in the passing of the 19th amendment, this is a journalist’s advocacy for the next logical step–the need for women in public service. Not quite as radical as it could be–this is no proto-Hillary writing–and Clarke keeps to pretty strict gender roles, as this passage illustrates: “We women do not want to run the government. We have other and more important work to do, and the vast majority of us will wish to go on having babies and bringing them up while you men do the very necessary, but, we think, less important work of the world. But what we do insist upon is that the voice of women be heard in the management of national affairs, especially those that so closely relate to our especial department of life.” (p. 17) This departmentalization is also graphically illustrated by the great dust jacket, which pictures Uncle Sam frowning at a bunch of paperwork with labels like “taxes, problems, foreign policies”, and his beautiful bride simply holding a token labeled “Equality.” Fascinating transitional book in the history of women. $25



AMERICAN MERCHANT SHIPS AND SAILORS. Willis J Abbbot, 1902. Neat history of the merchant marine, check out this stunning cover design. Off to the book fair it goes! $35









And, by the way….

TEN MORE BOXES OF NATIVE AMERICAN & WESTERN AMERICANA. Hey….wouldn’t it be nice to get this stuff at 25% off this Saturday?

TEN BOXES OF VINTAGE BOOKS, ASSORTED, INCLUDING NATURAL HISTORY & CHILDREN’S BOOKS. Hey….wouldn’t it be nice to get this stuff at 25% off this Saturday?

THREE BOXES, MOSTLY FOR THE “OLD FICTION” SECTIONS OF THE STORES. Hey….wouldn’t it be nice to get this stuff at 25% off this Saturday?

THREE BOXES OF ABC BOOKS, IN CORVALLIS. Hey….wouldn’t it be nice to get this stuff at 25% off this Saturday?

JAMES BOWIE, BIG DEALER. J. Frank Dobie. Offprint of an article from the Southwestern Historical Quarterly. This copy warmly inscribed by Dobie to a visitor who separately recounts her time spent with him, in her own inscription. Laid in is a newspaper article about Dobie that the previous owner says was given to her by him. A unique item, check it out at the book fair! $120




WHITTIER’S POEMS. 1893. I’ve been falling behind in our Etsy listings, but am determined to crank up the pace! Here’s one of the ones we recently listed, a very nice leather-bound volume from the 19th century:


Two vintage books on beekeeping: HOW TO KEEP BEES FOR PROFIT (D. Everett Lyon, 1910s reprint, just $10), and FIFTY YEARS AMONG THE BEES (C.C. Miller, 1911, $25 with some great photographs in here of beekeepers and their equipment.)







That’s all for this month, hope to see you on Saturday for our mini-sale!


Scott Givens
Browsers’ Bookstore
Corvallis & Albany, Oregon

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