Newsletter for May 2017


Last month was the end of one big multi-week purchase, the middle of a multi-month buy, and this month is possibly the beginning of buying another big collection. Every time I think we’re about to be able to catch up….

If you missed the article listing 22 Oregon bookstores “worth the drive”, including Browsers’, here’s the link:




PHROSO. Anthony Hope. 1972 hardcover in dust jacket. Well, I still haven’t read PRISONER OF ZENDA, but it’s on my list! Lesser known than Zenda is Phroso, about a guy who buys a small Mediterranean island, “scents villainy and murder,” and falls in love with the beautiful Phroso. My kind of plot. $10

PERELANDRA. C. S. Lewis. First American edition, 1944. What’s funny is that I just figured out the date of an old science fiction fanzine by its review of the newly-released Perelandra. The second in Lewis’ Space Trilogy. Hinges weak, no dust jacket, but a good copy. $25

HORIZON IS CALLING. Taro Yashima, 1947. This is essentially a graphic novel, and the follow-up to his 1942 novel THE NEW SUN. These are often compared (because of theme and style) to MAUS and MAUS II, though this is about pre-war Japan instead of Nazi Germany. Uncommon book, I don’t think we’ve had it before. $15

THE ULTIMATE POTATO-BAZOOKA: HAIR SPRAY POWERED VEGETABLE GUNS. M & M Engineering. Also includes Magnum Master Blaster, the Spud Pistol, and a few others. Honestly, I would try building one of these myself, but I think my wife would freak out if I started fooling around with pressurized flammable gas and sparky things. I’m not known for my mechanical skills. A good summer project, especially if you have medical insurance. $5.00

The other day, I snuck in the back door of the Corvallis store, crept through the Modern Lit section, carefully avoiding booby-trapped bookstacks, and using ninja stealth I was able to get close enough to eavesdrop on Jannett who was talking about me! To my amazement she didn’t use any bad words, but she DID say (yes, I do have a point with this stupid story) that since I have been spending so much time getting ready for the book fair in June, that things she tells me go in one ear and out the other.

Well, in light of that, here’s a preview of a few books we’ll be bringing to the fair. By the way, here’s the official Facebook page for the book fair, and you will see NONE OTHER THAN GERRY featured in the cover image, working in the Browsers’ booth, selling books like hotcakes! What a pro!

THE CURSE OF LONO. Hunter S. Thompson. First printing, trade paperback, still in nice condition which is unusual for this title. $40










OLIVIA. Ian Falconer, first edition without the Caldecott sticker. $20











THE THEME IS FREEDOM. John Dos Passos. First edition of 3000 copies. Scarce book, in great condition. $125










PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Gaston Leroux. Grosset & Dunlap, 1920s. I keep a copy with these illustrations at home, they are the best! $75










WIZARD AND GLASS. Stephen King. First edition, not perfect but definitely very good. (In case you are getting ready for the upcoming movie, remember that we have new copies of The Gunslinger in stock.) $150











The Albany store has now expanded their young adult section, so it is much easier to browse than before. It would be better if we could get those boxes off the steps in front of that section, but one step at a time, right?

A short newsletter this month, enjoy the browsing!


Scott Givens

Browsers’ Bookstore

Corvallis & Albany, Oregon


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