Complete set of Dark Tower series by Stephen King–SOLD


by Stephen King

There is almost never a time when you can predict what the future will hold. However, as Stephen King enters his twilight years, it is easy to tell what will be considered his magnum opus: The Dark Tower.

Yes, he has some classic horror books–too many to list here. And he has a two massive epics that are standalone classics: The Stand and It. But all of his other work can also be seen as merely companion pieces to the DT. A century from now, people may not be reading some of his minor works, but they will ALWAYS read the Dark Tower. As such, collectible copies of this series will continue to hold their value.

The publishing history of this series is complex, but the bottom line is that the first four books are the ones which have increased in value the most since publication. Numbers 5, 6, and 7 (as well as 4.5) had much bigger print runs, and so haven’t skyrocketed in value like the first four. As such, the photos above only show the details of the first four books.

All books are the first trade printings, except for Gunslinger, which is the second printing. All books are in fine condition: these days, it is extremely difficult (read: expensive) to find any of the original editions of the Gunslinger in such nice condition. All illustrations intact, and in beautiful condition.

This is an investment that will bring you years of pleasure!

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