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We had another fun year at the Rose City Book & Paper Fair this year, and now comes the most difficult part of the book fair–where in the world do we shelve all the books we’re bringing back?


New Arrivals

In addition to shelving all the book fair stock, we’re still buying more books….because you can never have enough, right? Here’s a few that you may not find by yourself.

Macfadden’s Encyclopedia of Physical Culture. Bernarr Macfadden was one of the early promoters of self-help through health & wellness. I think all of his books have a picture of him shirtless, over age 50, and with a full head of hair and complementary muscles. However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a manikin with both a mustache and a fig leaf! 5 volumes, 1928. Red cloth boards with light wear, very good condition overall. $50









The Wooden Soldiers of Oz. Alexander Volkov.

Published by Opium Books, Hong Kong, 1969. This is the first English translation of a Russian sequel to the Wizard of Oz. (Those Russian soldiers did NOT interfere in Ozian elections.) Uncommon Oz title, and the intro also notes that this is also a valid sample of Russian folklore. Trade paperback, very good condition, $25








The Life of Guiteau and the Official History of the Most Exciting Case on Record: Being the Trial of Guiteau for Assassinating President Garfield.

By H.H. Alexander. Providence, 1882. Why do we know John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald, but not Leon Czolgosz (who assassinated McKinley) or Charles Guiteau? Well, now’s your chance to catch up on the Garfield assassination with this book published the year after Garfield died. I love the decorated binding on this, with chains, a padlocked prison door, Guiteau’s portrait in gilt, and the executioner fitting a noose over his head. $60







The Adventures of Tom Bombadil
J.R.R. Tolkien

A nice copy, marred only by two gift inscriptions (1977 and 1978). Later printing. For those of you who missed Tom Bombadil in the LOTR movies! Very good in near fine DJ, 9th printing. $20








The Paradise of the Pacific.
by John T. Faris

A nice copy in good bright dust jacket. From the library of Mildred Leo Clemens with her bookplate. A cousin of Mark Twain, she grew up in Multnomah, posed for nude photos dressed as an Indian, retraced Twain’s travels in Hawaii, hula danced in native Hawaiian garb (or lack of), and lectured about Twain & her own adventures in the then-popular Chautauqua lectures. The book itself is a 1929 popular introduction to Hawaii (includes a photographic plate of surfers at Waikiki). Tipped in is a typed review of the book from the Star-Bulletin. Ink notation about the author, a few pencil notes in text–not sure if these are in Clemens’ hand or not. Overall, an excellent copy of this book. $45




A shelf of vintage Edith Wharton novels.

Plus some modern reprints (not pictured.) Prices vary.








Stephen King collection.

This signed first edition of Carrie sold the day we bought it. However, there are quite a few others, including first editions of the Dark Tower series (except The Gunslinger which is a second printing, but in excellent condition.) These are mostly in the Albany store but we’ll be bringing duplicates to Corvallis.






The Strange World of the Hare Krishnas.
by Faye Levine

“One young woman’s astonishing story of her life with this mysterious sect.” Pictured here with Jannett, who’s not laughing at the book but rather at one of her jokes. (She has to laugh a lot at her jokes because no one else does….) $4







Are you looking forward to the eclipse next month? Albany and Corvallis are both in the path for prime viewing, so be sure to stock up on reading material, because the streets are apparently going to be packed!

The Corvallis store will actually be open on Sunday, August 20 from noon to 5:00. Jannett figures that if the population is going to swell by several-fold, then we might get some tourist traffic–a good idea! There might even be a sale involved! (Albany store is a maybe at this point.) Stay tuned for more details.

Until then, enjoy the browsing!

Scott Givens

Browsers’ Bookstore
Corvallis & Albany, Oregon

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